Friday, November 1, 2013

One Man's Homecoming Turns Into A Brutal Fight For The Truth In The New Teaser For MISTAKEN

Independent filmmaker, martial artist and actor Franklin Correa is back with a new teaser for his subsequent film, Mistaken. A lot like the previously released Flash Drive, Correa's filmic focus remains consistent with emphasis on suspense and mystery, in addition to his own brand of ninjutsu-style urban martial arts action Filmmaking and choreography.

Aiming for a hopeful release sometime in November, Mistaken stars Correa who also wrote, produced and directed the film. Co-producers and actors Emilio Pantero and Herve Fontaine, and actors Lester Greene, Crystal T. Williams, former UFC fighter Pete "The Dragon" Bell, Dominick Wright, Geneva Ortiz, Jay Magicus, Dan Mceaddy, Melissa Blaha, James KonzyckJohnny DeJesus and Andy Nunez round out the cast.

A full trailer will be on the internet in a few weeks at the official Facebook web page exactly where you can learn more about the film.

5 years soon after leaving New Jersey, JoJo (Franklin Correa) returns residence to surprise his mother for her birthday and thanksgiving. Thinking all is well he is noticed by nearby hustlers Tito (Jay Magicus) and Marlon (Dan Mceaddy) and swift knows every little thing is not up to par. Now, he need to do what ever it requires to discover out the truth on what truly happened 5 years ago with the assist of his ex girlfriend Vanessa (Crystal T. Williams) and attempt to evade DeVaughn (Herve Fontaine) who desires him dead prior to the boss LaShawn (Lester Greene) finds out JoJo is back in town since they we're as soon as ideal close friends and partners. attempting to cover his personal tracks DeVaughn hired two sadistic guns for hire Curtis (Dominick Wright) and his partner Moses (Pete Sell) to get rid of JoJo before LaShawn finds out what is going on leaving you the edge of your seat for a climatic showdown and unforgettable ending.

One Man's Homecoming Turns Into A Brutal Fight For The Truth In The New Teaser For MISTAKEN
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