Monday, November 18, 2013

Robots, Mech Suits And Feature Length Potential In J.J. Palomo's Stunning New Sci-Fi Short, K3LOID

Browse the web extended sufficient, and you are going to ultimately come across a lot of amazing gems along the way. But really couple of come with so much gloss and luster as visual director J.J. Palomo's upcoming shortfilm/trailer, K3loid.

Starring Marcos Gonzalez, Leopoldo Palomo and Ana Punset with close to two years in the making, K3loid is set in a dystopian future Russia where artificial intelligence is the regular bearer for war, and mankind's personal concepts becomes the ultimate tool of its imminent demise. The very first trailer aired about a year ago top up to today's news, with the shortfilm currently making headlines and going viral with main production company support for a feature-length production. And not for absolutely nothing either, as with credits as comprehensive as Carl Rinsch's 2010 shortfilm, The Present, in addition to conceptual artwork for District 9 and Avatar, and Rinsch's upcoming release of 47 Ronin, it is no wonder why Palomo's visual effects studio, BLR VFX, is getting so much adore this week.

You'll find far more at the official internet site, and if this masterful footage hasn't come your way yet, please, waste no much more time, and simply press play, following the synopsis.

In a not too distant future, societies of all countries come to rely on an intricate network of artificial intelligence devices created to bring efficacy to man's life. Yet, man continues to devour himself in useless wars. A sturdy political hierarchy now divides all powers into 3 factions, and A. I. devices quickly achieve ground as efficiency becomes a priority. 
As social revolts develop worse every day, authorities seek ways to manage their citizens. They make a decision to carry out a series of tests that will figure out not only whether or not some critical powers can be transferred to non human entities, but also regardless of whether man is ready to yield those powers. 
The world has turn into a cell for all man and girls, who withstand and endure their lives, rather than living them. Machines may have located a remedy. 
From now on, you are set cost-free... 
Keloid is not about robots, it is about men. Massive Lazy Robot produced this spec film -- much more than two years in the making -- with the purpose of providing totally free reign to the creative aspects of production that a lot of times are so a lot missed throughout profit function. And yes, we enjoyed the ride!
Keloid from BLR_VFX on Vimeo.

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Robots, Mech Suits And Feature Length Potential In J.J. Palomo's Stunning New Sci-Fi Short, K3LOID
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