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Is AGE OF WUSHU Getting A Movie?

AGE OF WUSHU Game Trailer

It is been a lengthy, extended, extended time given that my hands have touched a video game of any type. But I constantly enjoyed them when I was much younger, especially the usual favorites like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, the very first 3 Marvel vs. Capcom installments, etc. That said, anytime these types of games end up with a film deal, there are always fair opinions on them, but it really is usually exciting to see how somebody applies their creativity in bringing that level of fantasy to a cinema platform, no matter whether it takes a live-action approach, or if it makes use of a CGI-based approach similar to that of director Youichi Mori's 2011 epic fighting thriller, Tekken: Blood Vengeance.

At any price, opinions or not, the trend continues with films like Spy Hunter, Assassin's Creed, Mortal Kombat and the next Resident Evil chapter on the way. And joining that list, is another game I'm not practically familiar with called Age Of Wushu.

The game orginally took five years to create ahead of its launch in China beneath its original title, The Age Of Wulin. In April of this year, the game at some point made its way to America under its new title, courtesy of Snail Games USA.

Age Of Wushu is described as an intricate, Wuxia-style huge multiplayer web game set in China throughout the 15th century below the Ming Dynasty exactly where players can choose a character to develop in between a single of eight schools, and one of 17 life professions on which to survive and thrive ranging anywhere from caligrapher to herbalist and poison maker. But not for absolutely nothing, as Hero Complicated describes it, "it nonetheless comes down to the fighting."

The folks over at Flesh Eating Zipper acquired a statement from the founder and chairman of Snail Games USA, Shi Hai, who spoke extremely of the most current move for the game as it inches its way toward the massive screen. "The Age of Wushu game appears and plays like a key martial arts motion picture so bringing the house to movie screens is a logical evolution,” he says. “Our objective has usually been for the home to attain the widest audience so evolving to a feature film and expanding the expertise to consoles and mobile devices continues our plan."

If that is the case, then I'm already sold. But what is much more compelling is the film's use of Jet Li's likeness in the game. Even though that could not necessarily imply a starring function for the newly somewhat-retired actor, ideal identified for high-profile martial arts action classic films like the As soon as Upon A Time In China film series, Fist Of Legend, Black Mask, Lethal Weapon four, Kiss Of The Dragon, Unleashed (a.k.a. Danny The Dog), Fearless, The Forbidden Kingdom, both installments of The Expendables so far, and the high-wired buddy cop action flick, Badges Of Fury. But that does not necessarily mean he won't play some type of an active function, becoming the game's spokesperson.

Anyway, all hype aside, if we see much more headlines about this home and interest remains for the folks at Snail Games USA it will be protected to say this film will sooner or later come about. But what do you consider?

Query 1: Are you searching forward to Age Of Wushu on film?

Question two: If so, do you favor live-action or a CG animated function?

Question 3: Who would you like to see cast for a prospective reside-action version for the film?

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Is AGE OF WUSHU Getting A Movie?
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