Friday, November 15, 2013

Watch Andrew Dean's New Shortfilm, COPE

Independent filmmaker Andrew Dean has unveiled his newest short dramatic action short, Cope. The shortfilm endured a 3-day shoot ahead of releasing a teaser in early September, featuring actor and stunt coordinator Anthony Giovanni Elias in his very first lead.

In Cope, Dean wrote and directed the shortfilm which tackles the defining, thematic concern of Post Traumatic Tension Disorder in the eyes of the average soldier forced to deal with life right after substantial and brutal captivity in wartime. As Dean describes in my previous talk, "The film is not just an action film with great fight and tourture scenes. It focuses on the mental stability of a individual and what he'll have to go through and understand to reside with. Sometimes there is not usually going to be a resolution or a rapid fix. The film is meant to not only entertain, but also to make you think and that's what I really wanted to achieve with this."

Cope definitely brings a visual element that aids it stands out from a lot of other independent shorts I have observed. I could certainly tell Dean was extremely particular about how he wanted to illustrate this quick, reflective story on a real globe concern. The action is fierce and made quite effectively thanks to Elias, who pulls very an impressive job portraying the lead and invoking all the physical, intrinsic and symptomatic elements of his character. Elias previously shared his affinity with war movies, as nicely as proximity to the problem thinking about pick family members who have service backgrounds. He also delved into his depth of research for his part, telling Film Combat Syndicate, "...when Dean told me about my character and what he was going through in the story, I believed to myself 'What's it like inside a soldiers thoughts when he has noticed and been by means of war?... How does he really feel seeing his comrades die in front of him?... How did he feel when he made his initial kill?... What is it like to be captured and tortured by the enemy for months and possibly years?...' I locked myself in my space and watched alot of documentaries of these old Vets telling their stories and tried to mentally put myself in thier footwear to get my thoughts in that quite dark spot. It wasnt straightforward, but I got it done."

Cope is readying to hit the film festival this week, so stay tuned to the official Facebook web page for Genesis Action Stunts in the tags below for more info. The quick film also stars Genesis members Rodney LoftonAndrew Trask, Derek Fernando Leavitt, Marc Guionnaud and co-stunt coordinator Vidal Acosta.


Watch Andrew Dean's New Shortfilm, COPE
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