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Syndicate Hype: More EXPENDABLES 3 Updates!

I'm reluctant to report anything on the upcoming production for The Expendables three considering that there are only so several articles I can get to with no seeking like I am just attempting to rewrite yet another post that five other people currently wrote. Plus, the film is a major priority for bloggers sustaining their readership, which is not to say I fair any distinct, but when I create, there is gotta be something to it.

Thankfully, my attention was drawn to Sylvester Stallone's Twitter account-the a single twitter user every person appears to be putting their laser-like focus these days, particularly considering that Expendables 3 starts filming in Sofia, Bulgaria next month with Australian director, Patrick Hughes. The tweet in question comes in only six letters and a word, which is all Sly actually demands to get a entire Twitter stream going for ages, and it says as follows:
RR vs GC ?
That was it, to be honest, and the conversation that followed afterward amongst fans hinted at speculation that Sly might be courting MMA beauties Ronda Rousey and Gina Carano for the film. That mentioned, Carano's career in film has taken off in solid fashion, especially hot off the success and recognition she has now earned in films like Haywire and Fast And Furious six, in addition to the upcoming film In The Blood, and producer Adi Shankar's all female Expendables feature in which Carano will co-star with actress Katie Sackhoff.

As for Ronda's boss however, the thought hasn't been that straightforward to absorb, specifically as she was becoming pointed out for a role in the November release of The Hunger Games two: Catching Fire. Back in February, UFC President Dana White had this to say about the transition for MMA athletes from sports to Hollywood:

"I do not want to take away any opportunities from Ronda, but at the very same time, her window of chance as a specialist athlete is genuinely narrow. She could make a zillion motion pictures when she retires. Where she's really going to get the cash is right here fighting. I never care if she's the lead function in ‘The Hunger Games two,' she would not make anywhere close to - I mean, not even in the universe - to the cash she tends to make fighting."

This might not necessarily mean a role in the film is not feasible for her-if this is what Sly is aiming for. In my opinion, this could be component of the "NEW blood" approach he might have been referring in in between tweets since March. And with Rousey and Carano in the Mix, in addition to other new faces, one can only hope that this will operate out in everyone's favor and Rousey will nevertheless have a thriving career in sports to fall back on if she so chooses.

But then once again, this is mainly hype, as we will most likely find out what's what in the weeks ahead.
As far as other new blood is concerned, a lot of names have been dropped out in public via Sly's twitter, from Assassins co-star Antonio Banderas to Indonesia's action cinema wunderkind, Iko Uwais. Other heavy hitters confirmed consist of Steven Seagal, alongside Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Wesley Snipes and Jackie Chan.

This week, a "Larger AND BADDER" Dolph Lundgren was added to the mix, after a busy year operating on a few films from director Giorgio Serafini, like Blood Of Redemption and A Certain Justice with co-director James Coyne and Tony Jaa's Thai action adventure, A Man Will Rise. Actor Mel Gibson has also been officially announced to star opposite Stallone as the primary villain following initially becoming tapped for director. A report from What Culture also confirmed Milla Joviovich, Jet Li, Bruce Willis and Sly's co-star in The Escape Plan, Arnold Schwarzenegger are all on board.

As a small footnote here, I could believe of a handful of roles Rousey could play if she chooses film more than sports. Kinda curious how she would appear as Sonya.

Just sayin. ^_^

The Expendables 3 blasts its way into theaters on August 15, 2014.

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Syndicate Hype: More EXPENDABLES 3 Updates!
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