Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tiger Chen Hu Becomes KUNG FU MAN This July

It sounds quite generic for a martial arts film title. But for a film about a kidnapped young boy who personifies his rescuer as an asian Clark Kent, what greater title could there have been for the world's next increasing martial arts action hero Tiger Chen Hu in his subsequent action vehicle to date, Kung Fu Man?

I'm quite sure not a lot of individuals saw this film coming, so when Man Of Tai Chi comes out in China on July five, 2013, martial arts fans will be surely pleased by the time July 19 arrives for Kung Fu Man hits theaters.

The film is directed by Ning Ying and legendary action director Yuen Cheung Yan. It also stars Jiang Mengjie, Vanessa Blanche and Lin Shen, and is primarily based on a screenplay inspired by the writer's son. Man Of Tai Chi director and co-star Keanu Reeves also served as executive producer.

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Tiger Chen Hu Becomes KUNG FU MAN This July
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