Monday, November 11, 2013

Freerunner Ben "Jenx" Jenkin Gets The Run Of His Life In The New Shortfilm Trailer For JUMPSTART

In case the globe nonetheless hasn't taken notice, there is an location of the athletic planet that aspires to share its neighborhood via film and ultimately make the transition to significantly bigger function-length automobiles in contrast to significantly of what is observed in Hollywood. For 5 year freerunning veteran and independent filmmaker, co-writer/producer Robbie Corbett, related sentiments could not be much more clearer for his newest crowdfunded directorial shortfilm debut, JumpStart.

A production of Balls two The Wall & PMV Entertainment, JumpStart appears like it has all the trimmings of a fantastic piece of indie film with suspense, espionage, action and screenfighting. Most importantly, it bares mentioning with Parkour as its centerpiece, courtesy of Corbett's longtime friend and English freerunning specialist Ben "Jenx" Jenkin, who moved to Los Angeles in November of 2012 in the pursuit of a career in entertainment, prior to ultimately landing in Corbett's project as the lead.

After JumpStart is completed, Corbett nonetheless has other duties to attend to, helping expand teachers' certification for USA Pakour, his personal branch of Globe Freerunning Parkour Federation. In the meantime even though, with parkour culture not fading away anytime quickly, Corbett is on a mission to spread the gospel of movement. And with JumpStart on its way, this probably won't be the final we hear from him.

JumpStart will be airing this month exclusively on the Flow channel in the embed under, so be positive to subscribe. Also starring are actors Caine Sinclair, Solomon Brende, Tamiko Brownlee, John Hennigan, Nate Stalinski, and Sean Nobles.

The film was also created by Timothy Sheiff, Robbie Corbett, Rob Gordon and co-writer Jason Sweat (Chrono Shock: Lost Angels).

JumpStart is an action-adventure short film that revolves around Kid (Ben Jenkin). Extremely skilled and fresh out of the academy, Kid is vying for recruitment by a key firm in the company of contract killing. With no actual field experience on his resume, he is presented an unofficial, covert JumpStart assignment from a Chief superior (Tamiko Brownlee). Kid is tasked with intercepting a stolen flash drive and “retiring” a rogue agent. What begins as routine, speedily unravels into something far far more hazardous.
Freerunner Ben "Jenx" Jenkin Gets The Run Of His Life In The New Shortfilm Trailer For JUMPSTART
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