Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Last Steel Koga Ninja Strikes In The New Webseries, STEEL WULF: CYBER NINJA

I study and hear a lot about West coast independent action teams on the internet, but it is also a true gem when I hear about these sorts of things taking place in my own neck of the woods.

When I initial learned about N.Y.C. primarily based screenfighting fitness center, Cinematic Fight Studio in my most current interview with French action actor Anthony Pho, I was eager to get in touch with CFS head fight trainer and aspiring filmmaker, Lang Yip, but it took a although. Ironically, it turned out Yip is also a element of a recent indie action, sci-fi webseries project with his close buddy, actor and filmmaker Young-H. Lee (pictured above/left) titled Steel Wulf: Cyber Ninja.

Lee, a SAG/AFTRA actor who has been studying film since around 2004, stars, directs, produces, edits and offers visual effects and sound for the series. Yip, 32, also a visual effects artist and fight choreographer, invested a shared-interest with Lee in brainstorming more than an idea to aid turn out to be 1 of the first people on the East coast to produce an action packed and visually gorgeous ninja-centered action webseries.

The initial episode debuted late final year. And with plans for 5 far more episodes, the second episode is now up and running.

The series also stars Chen Tang, Michael Rosete, Aldous Davidson and Israel David Groveman.

To follow the action, feel free to subscribe to the youtube channel, and check out the official Facebook pages for Fluid Robot and Cinematic Fight Studio. If you are in the New York City region and wish to discover more on how you can train with Yip to grow to be a screenfighter, go to the Cinematic Fight Studio official internet site.

In 2057, scientists invent a "mind-dubbing machine" that can digitize a human brain. Nonetheless, considering that "dubbing" kills the topic, the technology is banned-creating it very sought soon after in the black market place. A group of ruthless ninja mercenaries -- The Sons Of IGA, acquired the machine to produce a super-intelligent military thoughts. All IGA soldiers were forced to replace their consciousness with this new mind. Some refused...and had been destroyed. But dissent over the machine grew, and the STEEL KOGA faction was born. For six months, they warred fiercely against the IGAs but lost. The leader of the rebels, SK Panther, was captured and locked inside a mind-dubbing machine deep within Death Forest. The IGAs, dispatching their very best, lurk in wait to intercept the last, most harmful SK rebel attempting a rescue.

The Last Steel Koga Ninja Strikes In The New Webseries, STEEL WULF: CYBER NINJA
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