Thursday, November 14, 2013

Is This Tony Jaa's New Style?

International action star Tony Jaa is a lengthy time favorite for several martial arts fans, very best known for his brilliant execution of Muay Thai on the massive screen that pays homage to the greatest of greats in Hong Kong Cinema, and even upped the antee for the Thai action industry. That mentioned, Jaa is now back in the headlines with new films in retailer for the fanbase, such as his newly announced function for James Wan's September filming of Quick And Furious 7.

So now, with Jaa quickly to seem in the October 24 domestic 3D release of Tom Yum Goong two and reaching a level of his career exactly where he can now branch out to other markets, Jaa has been ramping up his publicity efforts with a few videos this month. The initial video shows Jaa performing publicly with a stunt crew and a specific four-legged guest at the Siam Crown Kennell Fan Club a handful of weeks ago. The second shows Jaa in special fashion, performing routines stylized to illustrate what looks like his personal little homage to the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson.

I have to say, I like the second video. I remember seeing Moonwalker on V.H.S. a lengthy time ago. (Don't forget these? Lol). If there's ever a day Tony decides to do an experimental Moonwalker shortfilm spin-off, I'm more than welcome to it. I am not suggesting this is most likely, but just sharing interest.

Either way, believe its safe to say that Jaa hasn't lost his edge. He may have been asleep and nearly made fans weary between Ong Bak two and 3, in addition to the final several years. But all in all, it is extremely appealing to see the new father and husband of recent years commence to come into his own. On leading of this, he is leading his path to Hollywood and riding one of the most significant and most successful franchises to date with Vin Diesel and Co.

2014 is currently seeking to be much more than what was anticipated of 2013. And 2013 has been a busy, hectic year for action cinema. We've had some slips and misses, and even a no-show for at least one title this year. But I feel 2014 will be the year we will all be blown away.

Then once in no way know.

Watch Tony Jaa get his kicks in the embeds beneath!

jaa Demo 24 Aug 13 from Michael Selby on Vimeo.

Is This Tony Jaa's New Style?
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