Sunday, November 17, 2013

DONNIE YEN: "...I'll definitely play Ip Man again."

In a detailed interview with South China Morning Post to promote the week's newly released action film from director Clarence Fok, Unique ID, martial arts action cinema superstar Donnie Yen briefly talks to writer Edmund Lee about reprising his role as the iconic Wing Chun grandmaster, Ip Man, in the extended-awaited third film.

It was at the bottom of the interview, long after delving into the intricate details of his private journey in film, the topic of his most recent production organization, Superhero Films, and the situation of performing films on subjects he likes, which he says is challenging in the movie organization. "I will leave that to fate, but I'll definitely play Ip Man once more," he says. "I won't be performing it any time quickly, even though, simply because there are so a lot of Ip Man [movies] about. You are Ip Man! He is Ip Man! Every person is Ip Man! Even the audience is obtaining bored at the moment.".

The statement comes just more than a week after the 50-year old action hero adhered to equivalent feelings in an exclusive with Yahoo! Singapore, but expressed more willingness to deviate from the character in basic to advance his career. "I know that folks like "Ip Man" quite a lot." says Yen at the time. "I can maintain on making sequels but the truth is I do not want to continue be stereotyped into a part. I want to show improvement.".

Following the success of the initial two films in 2008 and 2010, the third was announced final year amd was set for a 3D shoot to the tune of a reported budget of $ 36 million dollars with producer Raymond Wong, and his son, Edmund Wong, supplying the screenplay. Since then, the film recently hit a brick wall with Yen parting ways from the project alongside director Wilson Yip, who reportedly lost interest in the franchise's third installation due to their own prior bookings, leaving many fans with the hopes of seeing a third film a lot to be desired, regardless of the final reports of Yen and the elder Wong being in talks. Of course, the actors new statements brings on some glimmer of hope that fans will get to see the actor's classic portrayal of the late-excellent Bruce Lee's teacher, which may possibly or could not incorporate a theatrical rendition of Lee himself. This, of course, is up to the men behind the curtain.

All in all, in my opinion, between Kowloon Walled City, The Master, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon two and a previously-hyped sequel to Particular ID if it comes to that, if Ip Man returns to the huge screen once much more, then it takes place, it happens. If not, then at least Yen will nevertheless be creating movies and pursuing his craft on his personal platform as initially intended. But what do you feel?

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DONNIE YEN: "...I'll definitely play Ip Man again."
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