Monday, November 11, 2013

Move Over Dirty Harry, BIKE COP Is In Town!

In classic satirical action comedy fashion, co-writer/producer Geoff Hales and co-writer/exec. producer/director Julian Wilkins delivers a brand new action hero, armed with the bike, fightings abilities, and the mustache of a cop who implies business. And he's not just any cop either...he's Bike Cop. And he is out to kick ass, take names and enforce his personal brand of justice.

The most current production from RedEye Studios, Bike Cop: Starts is based on an original concept featuring a story about a specific agent newly in charge of an elite crime fighting unit and is sent out on a mission that goes awry when a mysterious crimefighter shows up to save her and her group. Wilkins is seeking toward the next thirty days for their Indiegogo campaign to help finance up to 4 seasons. The potential ser cast contains Jamie Elizabeth Sampson, Christopher Sawchyn, Ronnie Rowe and Adam Klymkiw, with actors Dan Macdonald and Kyle Stewart from Eclipse Stunts, Stephen Cullen, Derek Perks, Brian Carleton, Simu Liu, Jimmy Yu and Sherry Hsu.

Verify out the full synopsis and trailer below, and click Right here to learn far more about how to donate to the funding of this most recent project.


In a city rife with drug gangs and crooked bureaucracy, Particular Agent Fox Carlyle is provided charge to the most elite law enforcement task force: The Alpha Group. When their high profile mission goes horribly incorrect, a mysterious entity saves her from certain death. The City's corruption stretches deep into the heart of parliament, shadowing the truth in a blanket of lies. Who can she trust? Is her savior the enemy, or her only likelihood for survival? Dirty officials, menacing villans, and do-great cops all search for the answer to the same question: WHAT IS THE BIKE COP?

Move Over Dirty Harry, BIKE COP Is In Town!
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