Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jean-Claude Van Damme Set To Take On Rich Criminals In LUXURY MEETS JUSTICE

The last individual I feel anybody would anticipate to step into the field of action cinema would be Michel Adam, founder and sole owner of the 24-hour glamour and beauty-oriented lifestyle network, Fashion Television. Apparently, action is exactly where it is at this stage of his career in obtaining announced a new $ 40 million dollar project this month with revived Hollywood action star Jean-Claude Van Damme for a new film series named Luxury Meets Justice.

The South China Morning Post covered the story a handful of days ago as Van Damme is at the moment in Hong Kong scouting for new talent. He said, "We want to support young talents who are prepared to explode in China, Chinese national treasures in a sense,". He also expressed his sentiments for the Chinese government relating to his current ambitions for the film, saying, "We want to operate with the government of China to show them our very good faith, to generate a franchise in China followed by a Tv series and video game,... Today in China, they have almost everything. They have wonderful crews and personal computer graphics [specialists]. We want to develop on that, to become partners."

The Wall Street Journal's personal Dan Napolitano covered the news on Friday, which integrated a video embed exactly where Van Damme and Adam speak far more about the project:

Van Damme will play an undercover agent who will infiltrate the planet of the ultra-wealthy and take on corporate criminal elites bent on fattening their wallets at the expense of the working class. The 1st film will start production next year, pending the release of his next film with Peter Hyams directing, Enemies Closer, followed by the heist thriller, Swelter.

Stay tuned.

Query: Are you hunting forward to Luxury With Justice?
Jean-Claude Van Damme Set To Take On Rich Criminals In LUXURY MEETS JUSTICE
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