Tuesday, November 12, 2013

TEAM NRG Kicks Into Action With A New Showreel

You may recall back in Might that I shared an action packed revenge thriller brief film from independent filmmaker Trey "Showtime" Drysdale titled The Enigma, with actor Craig Canning. Properly, if the names sound familiar, then you are probably aware of the live-action stage stylings as the dynamic martial arts performance duo, Team NRG.

Based out in the U.K., Team NRG presents an eclectic hybrid array of extreme martial arts, weapons, dance, tricking and fight choreography, which they edit themselves. Their performances are documented in such preceding events as the Bodypower Expo, the Open Yorkshire Classics Bodybuilding Show, the Arnold Carnival at Nottingham, and most not too long ago at the 2013 Unity International Games at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

Formerly of the now defunct international demo troupe, Team GBR, Drysdale and Canning came into NRG bringing their personal formidable ability sets, with Drysdale, a 3rd degree black belt and eleven year Taekwondo veteran, and Canning, very trained in designs such as Hapkido, Shotokan and Kickboxing. Collectively, their major long-term objective now, as it stands, is to continue to expand on their craft and performing as they did on a national and international level although representing GBR and upgrading their techniques and expertise in the process, eventually to entertain and educate the public. And to show you they imply enterprise, they released an electrifying new showreel on Monday, which you can verify out under.

And to boot, they have a new Facebook page out this week. So feel free to subscribe although you happen to be here.

TEAM NRG Kicks Into Action With A New Showreel
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