Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gareth Evans Announces Teaser Date For THE RAID 2: BERANDAL

On Thursday night, Twitter followers of action maestro Gareth Evans watched as he decided to tweet every thing fans could possibly want to hear at this stage of the post production procedure for The Raid 2: Berandal right after wrapping in July:
"Teaser trailer sent for VFX work & grading. Scoring completed. Sound mix subsequent. Aiming at putting it out around 7/11 Nov if all goes smooth." 
"Saving a bunch of stuff for the main trailer hopefully end of December early January." 
"Not preparing to place also a lot of clips out there - appears a lot of films these days are displaying way also significantly before they even release." 
"We have 17 action sequences in the film - so there’s going to be a lot fresh material unspoiled by any teaser or trailer we release." 
"At most each combined would equate to 3mins 30s. Last I checked - the action alone clocked in around 1hr 5mins mark."
Personally, I'm beyond words at this point about how excited I am for this movie, on prime of Donnie Yen's Specific ID. I can only picture the quantity of comprehensive operate that was put into generating this film attainable,  with a fresher appear and cast, and ample fight scenes centered on the film's mainstay action style, Silat.

The Raid: Redemption is quite significantly on anyone's list of greatest action films of the history of martial arts cinema, and with component two on the way, one particular can only hope that the attainable trilogy that will hopefully come of this film will leave an even larger mark on the genre's existence.

Writer/director Gareth Evans discovered himself a gold mine with this a single, a reality that comes undoubtedly after the rousing approval of film festival goers in the final handful of months who currently got to see a clip of the film. So there's no doubt that he is handling this one particular with a LOT of care prior to stepping into the director's chair with The Raid actor Joe Taslim for the UK action suspense thriller, The Evening Comes For Us, and then possibly moving onto a third film for The Raid franchise Time will inform how items play out by then though, with Out Of The Furnace co-scribe, screenwriter Brad Inglesby's script for the US remake of the initial film handles the job.

In the meantime, Evans, as he puts it, hopes you like your fights lengthy, since this will be his final martial arts venture for a handful of years. So hopefully you are following him on Twitter, so as to have an thought of the awesomeness headed our way subsequent year. If you have, then very good. If not...then wait no a lot more and follow him currently!

By the way, Evans has one much more message for you all:

The Raid two: Berandal follows up the events from the 2011 thriller featuring international action hero Iko Uwais reprising his role from the initial film. Also starring are Tio PakusadewoPutra Arifin ScheunamannAlex AbbadRoy Marten and returning actor Yayan Ruhian, along with Marsha TimothyJulie Estelle, Extremely Tri Yulisman, Cecep Arif RahmanOka Antara and Epy Kusnandar, and Japanese actors Ryuhei MatsudaKenuchi Endo and Kazuki Kitamura. Uwais and Ruhian directed the action sequences along with guest fight choreographer Larnell Stovall and Hong Kong stunt coordinator Bruce Law. The film is created by PT Merantau Films and XYZ Films.

North American distributor Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions presently has multi-territorial distribution rights to the upcoming sequel with a release date pending, following the film's Indonesian domestic release.

Appear out for the teaser in the next twenty days!
Gareth Evans Announces Teaser Date For THE RAID 2: BERANDAL
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