Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jason Statham On REDEMPTION: Not A Popcorn Movie

We have a new action clip coming from director Steven Knight's most current film, Redemption. The clip quite considerably shows some of what Statham is ideal recognized for on screen, which consists of screen fighting, specifically since he is capable of doing most of his own stunts, typically.

Ironically, in a current interview posted at, Statham suggests the film is something but what fans suspect it to be. He confesses to the Edinburgh Evening News stating, “I make a lot of films that do not have considerably depth to them - they’re more like popcorn motion pictures. I’ve been hungry for something like this for some time, exactly where I can show much more emotion. When this came my way, I jumped up and down,”. He continues all through the interview by saying that even even though he himself enjoys the physicality and fighting elements of the character he plays, Knight's film is "not a stunt extravaganza", describing the film as far more focused on poignance, drama and the depth of the relationships he shares in the film.

In additional discussing the relative societal importance of his character, Statham also discussed the investigation he did with the production, going to homeless charities, speaking to ex-soldiers, physicians and veterans about their experiences. “We’re playing heroes, and it’s excellent to actually play a guy that utilised to be a hero." he says. "These are the genuine heroes of our culture and society. It’s a privilege to play a single so you can not shed sight of the great they do and the commitment they have.”

In other words, while the film does include its own share of action sequences, do not disillusion yourself with the notion that Redemption is anything like what you are utilised to if you are solely an action fan, particularly from a director whose most current background in screenwriting includes the 2006 romantic biopic drama, Wonderful Grace, and the 2007 crime drama, Eastern Promises. Granted, that may all adjust depending on Knight's profession alternatives down the line. But for now, there is no excuse why anyone should come out of the theater feeling sold brief by a film with an actor who really desires to involve himself as an *actor* from time to time, which is constantly a good thing.

Redemption, (a.k.a. Hummingbird -UK release- and Crazy Joe -France release-) stars Statham as a war-torn homeless veteran whose return home to London from Afghanistan takes him on a path from healing to confliction and struggle, and in the end, revenge. The film also stars Agata Buzek, Vicky McClure, Benedict Wong, David Bradley and Siobhan Hewlett, and is slated for North American theatrical and digital release on June 28, 2013, courtesy of Lionsgate.

Check out the action clip, courtesy of Beyond Hollywood.

Jason Statham On REDEMPTION: Not A Popcorn Movie
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