Monday, November 11, 2013

Loads Of Fisticuffs And Pistol Whipping In The Latest Independent Action Throwdown, EXTRACTION

Kicking off your Tuesday is a brand new action quick piece from LBP Stunts Chicago independent action filmmaker Emmanuel Manzanares titled Extraction. Not to be confused with writer/director Tony Giglio's most current function, Extraction is an original mini-project that focuses its plot on a rogue agent on the run from his pursuer.

Extraction reunites Manzanares with Canadian independent action film star Tyler Williams considering that their 2010 comedic action short, Manny Invades Toronto. Collectively, they are joined by actor and Thousand Pounds Action Business familiar Gui DaSilva, who lit up the internet really a bit this summer performing with an ensemble cast for producer Travis Wong's webseries, The Hunt.

When more, Manzanares shows his amazing elevating possible after a lot more in constructing innovative action sequences that continually appear properly-suited for a lot bigger films. And not for nothing at all either, becoming a multifaceted actor and filmmaker given that 2007, with credits ranging from television and indie cinema, to performing stunts on the upcoming blockbuster sci-fi action adventure, Divergent.

That legacy of excellence he shares continues with today's release of Extraction, as with future projects involving Williams who just re-emerged on Twitch last month with his 2012 film festival gritty action hit, All-In. Meanwhile, Manzanares and DaSilva will be generating an ensemble appearance among a key handful of today's most significant, brightest and gifted actors and screenfighters in Barrio Brawler co-star Dennis Ruel's directorial feature debut, Unlucky Stars, later this year.

Stay tuned!

Loads Of Fisticuffs And Pistol Whipping In The Latest Independent Action Throwdown, EXTRACTION
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