Sunday, November 17, 2013

Are You Ready To Battle The STREETS OF MYTH In 2014?

UK-primarily based independent filmmaker Brandon Kahn lately launched his new internet site to promote his ambitious new live-action martial arts series, Streets Of Myth.

The project aims to bring a great, bold and inventive look into a modern day-day England exactly where warrior factions co-exist in social toxicity, seperated by their personal walled-in hierarchical societies, and differences are settled with neither diplomacy nor a gun, but amidst a dynamic flurry of fists, feet and martial arts weaponry, ability and stamina. The production not too long ago wrapped up a trailer shoot a week ago, in collaboration with Far better Feeling Films, and featuring cast extras supported by select members of martial arts stunt team, SG Action, along with actor Beau Fowler from Ki Films, actress Zara Phythian, and fight choreography team Rx3, all of whom collectively grant credence to the director for what has so far been described as a "optimistic expertise".

The trailer will be pitched as a webseries proof-of-idea video brief that will be revealed sometime between November and December, preceding a significant crowdfunding campaign set to start in 2014 for a pilot-only episode with a duration of up to thirty minutes or longer. What's even much more intriguing, taking into consideration the interweaving plot set-up, in addition to the runtime Kahn is shooting for, is that he also aspires to take Streets Of Myth straight to television, need to the series want extra funding. This would ultimately take the series the route of such shows as Game Of Thrones and Strike Back. Such comparable ambitions are currently shared by such filmgroups as L.A.-based Thousand Pounds Action Company, and Mortal Kombat Legacy writer and director Kevin Tancharoen

Issues appear to be cooking very well more than in the U.K., with exception to Ki Films and Much better Feeling, as Fowler, Phythian, SG Action and all cast and crew accounted for are said to be one hundred% on-board for the pilot and hopeful series, supplied that donors help fulfill the campaign that Kahn will launch in the months ahead. Verify out other new promotional character banners and posters from the inspired new series additional below, and to adhere to pending updates and developments on this fascinating new project, comply with the series with hyperlinks to Twitter and Facebook at the official web site for Streets Of Myth.

Are You Ready To Battle The STREETS OF MYTH In 2014?
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