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Film Of The Week: EXTRACTION (2013)

A significant feature exclusively for digital, EXTRACTION follows a U.S. Black Ops team member who finds himself the only survivor of a botched prisoner extraction mission. Forced to fight his way out of a maximum-safety Chechen prison, he have to maintain his target alive in order to catch a terrorist arms-dealer who is a threat to thousands of lives.   
EXTRACTION functions Danny Glover (LETHAL WEAPON, THE Colour PURPLE), Vinnie Jones (SNATCH), Sean Astin (THE LORD OF THE RINGS franchise, RUDY), John Foo (TEKKEN), Joanne Kelly (WAREHOUSE 13) and Falk Hentschel (KNIGHT AND DAY). The movie is written and directed by Tony Giglio (CHAOS, IN ENEMY HANDS), and made by RANGER 7 FILMS, founded by executive producers Mike Callaghan, Reuben Liber and Justin Bursch.

Executive producer, writer and director Tony Giglio's most current function thriller, Extraction, arrives with the begin of Crackle's most current slate of online-content for the Fall season of 2013. The film stars Jon Foo in his newest leading function because as Mercy Callo, a member of a black-ops team who moves in on a brothel to catch a wanted suspect holding a mysterious flash drive. Mercy captures the target, but hesitates to comply with orders to terminate him when he is convinced his captive knows far more than what flash drive holds.

Time passes and the mission eventually expands further into a larger scale assignment to quit a achievable massive scale terrorist attack by pursuing and retrieving a well-recognized, elusive criminal by the name of Rudolph Martin (Falk Hentschel). Even so, it turns out that acquiring Martin will be the team's most hazardous challenge however, as he is presumed to be held captive by Ivan Rudovsky (Vinnie Jones), a ruthless warden in charge of a Chechen prison that extends eight levels beneath the Earth's surface.

Assisted by Natalie Meyers (Joanne Kelly), a international intelligence expert on terrorism, the team moves in on the notorious prison and proceedes on their mission, till every thing that could go incorrect does. Mercy's entire group is situated and killed as he now finds himself the final survivor beneath the watchful eye of the warden, and with tiny-to-no communication beyond the inner walls of the prison, Mercy's only choice is to survive the bloodthirty inmates and total the mission prior to much more soldierd arrive.

The film plays out like a blend of The Raid, The Rock and U.S. Marshalls, but on a somewhat of a smaller scale than the former. And hunting back on the film's plot formula and small bits of fight coordination here and there, I can honestly see how the comparison would a perceptions would function, which almost certainly annoys some uber-action film critics. I will also say although, that I did get pleasure from the film's notion of its hero fighting his way from the bottom-up by way of hordes flying fists and bullets. It is a concept that does perform here, and has its entertaining moments.

The film also introduces a couple of exciting back stories for some of its characters which also lends to the mystery and suspense of the subplot featuring Glover, Kelly and actor Sean Astin, which I felt was fairly well-played by the end. The back story for Foo's character was extremely intriguing in that it would have constructed up to a far more linear narrative if it weren't for some of the varying twists all through the film. This could have underhanded his character a bit in its delivery, but nothing at all as well seriously though, with some of his greater scenes featuring himself and actress Kelly, providing some motivation for the audience to care about what occurs subsequent.

Actor Falk Hentschel does leave a memorable impression as the witty, saracastic supporting character who have to join forces with Foo as they fight their way by way of the prison's obstacles to make it to security. Following initially seeing Hentschel as the train assassin in the Tom Cruise action comedy vehicle, Knight And Day, Hentschel proves after once more that he knows how to handle himself on screen, both drastically and physically. So with any luck, we may well see him in some larger roles in the not-too distant future. And as usually, actor Vinnie Jones is all his personal when he's on screen as the film's principal villain. When he's not busy getting a scary badass in one movie, he's busy being a scary badass in yet another movie, which is all the time... if that makes any sense!

In all honesty, regardless of the film's formulaic alignment with choose contained-action classics, the film may possibly be a slight disappointment for some hardcore fans of Jon Foo who are utilized to seeing much more lively work illustrated previously in films like Residence Of Fury and Tom Yum Goong. The stunt coordination by seasoned veteran stuntman, actor and action director James Lew and co-fight choreograper Lin Oeding was quite enjoyable while watching each Foo and Hentschel trading blows with the film's screenfighting extras. But it's only at the largest fight scene at the cusp of the film's third act amongst Foo, and actor Paul Duke, where Foo gets to flex his muscle tissues a small much more, but only a small.

All in all, Extraction is not Jon Foo's very best operate. Some of the action seems to play it secure, but it nonetheless grants a worthy viewing if you happen to be a Jon Foo fan or an action movie fan in general. And for what it really is worth, the film sets itself up for a attainable sequel for fans to appear forward to. At any price, the film can be observed for free viewing at Crackle's official web site till its likely DVD/Blu-Ray release, so I wouldn't complain too significantly.

Extraction is now offered for viewing only at The film clocks in at 106 minutes with commercial breaks in among and will be on-line from now by means of February 2014. The film stars Jon Foo, Danny Glover, Joanne Kelly, Sean Astin and Vinnie Jones and is written and directed by Tony Giglio.
Film Of The Week: EXTRACTION (2013)
9out of 10 based on 10 ratings. 9 user reviews.

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