Saturday, November 16, 2013

Gareth Evans Unveils THE RAID 2 Character, Prakoso

Director Gareth Evans took to twitter today to set the record straight on photos taken from the set that we proclaimed to be of the character, Prakoso, from the set of The Raid 2, also identified as its Indonesian title, Berandal, which means "Punk". "Okay so a couple of men and women have started posting snaps of @YayanRuhian during downtime on set as photos of him as Prakoso in #TheRaid2Berandal" he tweets. "These images are not him in character… This is Prakoso #TheRaid2Berandal" he says, sharing the photo which can be seen on the left.

Berandal, which is slated for North American release sometime in 2014 as "The Raid: Retaliation", began production in January 2013 from PT Merantau Films and XYZ Films with the promise of a larger scale story with a slightly larger spending budget to promise far more brutal and bloodier action than before, with such sequences which includes a prison riot, a bathroom brawl, some longer fights and an epic car fight on the streets of Jakarta. Iko Uwais remains as the prominent top man reprising his role from the 2011 film, The Raid (U.S.A. title: "The Raid: Redemption") as Rama, a rookie member of an elite unit sent to infiltrate a 15-story apartment constructing owned by a notorious crimelord. The sequel, Berandal, takes location just following the events of the first film as Rama is sent undercover to prison on an intricate mission to filter out the courruption in the police force. To spice items up, Evans has also indicated Uwais would be making use of a distinct weapon originally showcased in the intro to the 2009 film, Merantau
, to be featured by Uwais in the action in The Raid two. "For these that saw @iko_uwais education at the begin of Merantau with the kerambik knife, but were frustrated we didn’t use them more…" says Evans, "...we will not let you down this time.".

Yayan Ruhian, who starred opposite Uwais in Merantau and The Raid, returns to seem along with numerous new characters for the film, which consist of the "Assassin", the "Baseball Bat" man, and actress Julie Estelle's peformance as "Hammer Girl". Compared to his prior function as the viciously skilled and deadly Mad Dog, Ruhian's "Prakoso" is described as a scruffily dressed assassin whose main specialty lies in slicing and dicing his prey with sharp machetes. Other actors Evans has been busy wrapping up scenes with as of late include Japanese actors Ryuhei Matsuda, Kenuchi Endo and Kazuki Kitamura. Tio Pakusodewo, Marsha Timothy, the "thoughts-bafflingly" quickly Cecep Arif Rahman, Putra Arifin Scheunamann, Alex AbbadOka Antara, Epy Kusnandar and Roy Marten also round out the cast.

Much more information await as production wraps in three weeks, with the 1st official teaser footage coming tentatively in September.
Gareth Evans Unveils THE RAID 2 Character, Prakoso
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