Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Story Of Serendipity And Internal Struggle Is Told In The New Shortfilm Trailer, THE BOOK OF LIFE

The multi-award winning independent filmmaking company Noble Brothers Productions, are back with a new trailer for the upcoming brief film, The Book Of Life. Described as an experimental Christian drama, The Book Of Life co-stars, and was written, developed and directed by John-William Noble, and stars brother, actor and Noble Brothers performer Graeme Noble starring as a male drug addict whose life modifications for the better in a opportunity meeting with a Christian woman.

The shortfilm follows the usual formula by which brothers Graeme and John-William Noble generally develop projects-that is, 1 with character-driven story telling, drama and martial arts action sequences, delivered with a constructive Christian message even though still aiming to entertain audiences of all denominations. Their long-established firm mission is completely founded on Christian beliefs, as the brothers have been in church for their entire lives, and have since been inspired to invoke ways of sharing their faith by means of film, whilst exploring their admiration for Hong Kong-stylized action choreography. As such, Graeme himself choreographed the sequences, applying his personal established understanding of action cinema with effectively more than 1,000 martial arts films in his personal library.

You can inform he's a fan correct?

The 20-minute shortfilm was the solution of inspiration that followed upon Graeme having lately moved to the sub-provincial city of Xi'an in China back in February. Although there, he met numerous new close friends who shared a mutually collective interest in generating motion pictures. And with this, The Book Of Life began its wide-scale production in several places all through Scotland, such as Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, Aberdeen and Eilean Donan Castle. Filming also continued in Xi'an, as nicely as in Hong Kong, Beijing and the Wonderful Wall of China.

The short film is now planning to head to the film festival circuit, which is familiar territory for Graeme and John-William who lately swept up a fresh batch of festival awards earlier this year for their latest function, Get in touch with Of Babylon. So take note of the trailer beneath and check out their official internet site at where you can find out more about this incredible and internationally increasing film group. And subscribe to their Facebook page and Youtube channel for more upcoming action films.

The Book Of Life also stars Binglin Luo, Reuben McKay, Rachel Leung, Michael Lo, Arielle Watt, Tom Syszlak, Rachael Wheeler, Eric Ling, Craig Joiner, Marie Fraser, Kayleigh Kilpatrick, Tasha Hardie, Francis Alexsandero, Rebecca Diack, Morven Clark, Chris Scott, Shona Knox and Julia Simpson.

A Story Of Serendipity And Internal Struggle Is Told In The New Shortfilm Trailer, THE BOOK OF LIFE
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