Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Koichi Sakamoto Brings Sexy Back Into Action With 009-1: THE END OF THE BEGINNING

I don't forget a much younger Koichi Sakamoto that just focused primarily on Tokusatsu and bringing Japanese superheroes to life on the big screen. Certain, those days are nonetheless right here as he has been functioning on the set of Super Megaforce. But after following up with Travelers: Dimension Police, it appears that the man discovered one thing worth sticking to.

According to an post written over at Henshin Justice Unlimted, interpreted from a piece more than at, Sakamoto is back working on one more sexy science fiction martial arts action adventure named 009-1: The End Of The Starting. The film will star a list of heralded tokusatsu actors and actresses which includes Mayuko Iwasa in the lead, along with Minehiro Kinomoto, Mao Ichimichi, Nao Nagasawa, Shizuka Midorikawa, Naoto Takenaka, Aya Sugimoto, Kazutoshi Yokoyama, Tsukui Minami and Hirotaro Honda.

Originally developed in 1967 by famous late manga author Shotaro Ishinomori, and later adapted for reside-action television and animation in the years to come, the story is centered around Mylene Hoffman, a female cyborg who performs for the all-female Nine Number Group as a secret agent. The home has no affiliation with the 1964 shonen manga, Cyborg 009, despite the fact that some characters make appearances in particular chapters.

The film is not yet in production, but from the looks of factors, it seems we have some promo footage to show how the pending film will appear.

009-1: The End Of The Beginning will make its theatrical premiere on September 7, 2013, with an R-15 rating, commemorating what would have been Ishinomori's 75th birthday in January. Sakamoto's most recent film to hit DVD, Travelers: Dimension Police, will release on August 23.

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Koichi Sakamoto Brings Sexy Back Into Action With 009-1: THE END OF THE BEGINNING
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