Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Makai Priestesses Battle Evil In GARO GAIDEN: TOUGEN NO FUE

Most of you currently familiar with Tokusatsu have some simple information abour the Japanese tv show, Garo, designed by Keita Amemiya in 2005. The series also consists of miniseries and theatrical installments such as the 2006 release of Byakuya no Maju (Demon Beast Of The White Knight), the 2010 theatrical release of Garo: Red Requiem, and the 2011 spin-off, Kiba Gaiden (Kiba: The Dark Knight).

On July 20, 2013, the story continues with the upcoming release of Garo Gaiden: Tougen no Fue (The Whistle Of The Phantom Peach), a film that was originally announced back in March. In the film series, the story requires place throughout the 2011 story, Soukoku no Maryu (Demon Dragon Of The Blue Cries), about two Makai Priestesses who set out on an adventure to safeguard the mystical whistle of the Phantom Peach. The film stars Yasue Sato, Mary Matsuyama, Masahiro Kuranuki, and Kanji Tsuda. The film is reportedly the initial of the franchise to not function Makai Knights as lead characters.

I'm not too familiar with Garo, though I have observed clips-I am familiar with some anime and tokusatusu shows I have observed Really it was my interview with Mark Musashi in early 2013 that brought the show to my interest, and I hope a single day I can get around to watching these sorts of shows myself. Due to the fact, if there is one particular thing I am always fascinated by when it comes to action cinema, it is how Japanese filmmakers are in a position to translate such anime and manga-oriented fantasy and majesty onto the screen.

At any price, I am really glad to see these types of shows break ground for larger venues. And I look forward to seeing Tougen no Fue when it is released for the rest of the planet to see.

CD Japan also states the tentative release date of the DVD is September 4, 2013.

Makai Priestesses Battle Evil In GARO GAIDEN: TOUGEN NO FUE
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