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How to Open YouTube in Pakistan - Open YouTube - Unblock Youtube

how to run youtube in pakistanYouTube is block in Pakistan. But most of Pakistani’s want to open YouTube for their demands. Especially for Students and Specialists who use YouTube for their Study and Specialist Lives is ultimate place. Nowadays I am going to show how you can open YouTube without using any proxy. Following are some easy measures for opening YouTube. Restricting access to significant web sites is becoming a trend in conservative government about the world. Somehow this case in Pakistan was pretty intense and affected a lot of fields which includes net world.YouTube largest video sharing site was also blocked in this incident.Couple of months ago I shared computer software strategy to Unblock YouTube in Pakistan which received overwhelming response.This time I have planed to share the technique which does not include installing of any computer software which function quite properly for all other sites as nicely.

Proxy Hider Web site:

Very first way to open youtube is proxy hider internet site, there are allot of website that will hide your proxy and will show you are not in Pakistan.
Open this web site
admin sucks
Just type and click Go.

Use of IP Changer:

Second way is use of ip changer. Just download an Ip changer computer software, install it and run after operating computer software just open youtube in your browser.
Download ip changer given under:
Ultra Surf (advisable)
Hotspot Sheild
Easy Hide Ip

Use of Firefox Plugin:

A firefox plugin referred to as stealthy that can modify your proxy.
  1. First of all download firefox most recent version. click right here
  2. Now download stealthy for free. click here to download
  3. Set up this plugin. 
  4. Restart firefox. 
  5. Click on stealthy icon on the proper prime of firefox to turn on. 
  6. Now you can open blocked websites. 
  7. Click again on stealthy to turn off.

Use of Spot Flux to unblock YouTube in pakistan:

1. Open
two. Download spotflux.
three. Install the spotflux (you will be asked to set up java if you have not install it currently)
four. Open the spotflux right after installation.

Soon after a minute open youtube will be open untill spotflux is running. if you want to stop youtube once again close/disable the spotflux.

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How to Open YouTube in Pakistan - Open YouTube - Unblock Youtube
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