Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gritty Martial Arts Actioner 1 LAWAN SATU (ONE ON ONE) Releases Domestically Today

Much hasn't been said about director Pierre Andre's Malaysian martial arts drama, 1 Lawan Satu (a.k.a. A single On 1) since Twitch broke the story with a short teaser back in Jaunary, followed by a longer trailer in April. Now, at least on my portion from what I know, we now have a release date for the film, which clearly states on the poster (pictured left) starting nowadays, June 27, 2013.

I wonder if we will hear a lot more about this movie in terms of distribution. Oh nicely, we'll see.

1 Lawan Satu stars Mikail Andre, Azlan Komeng, Fyza Kadir and Along Eyzendy. If you reside in Malaysia and you plan on seeing this movie sometime soon, drop us a assessment in the comment section and let us know your thoughts.

Every fighter has their stories… So does SALEH and RADHI, two fighters that is estranged from every other meet on the arena for the battle that they fight for the 1 they adore the most. SALEH came from a household that teaches him to fight for honor and protects while RADHI fight for the sake of his sister’s life. SALEH came to the city with the promise he produced to his parents to uncover his lost sister, SALEHA. The guarantee is not effortlessly kept.

He came to know that SALEHA is becoming captive by OMAN. With NORA by his side, SALEH went on to his journey to save SALEHA. But for RADHI, OMAN is a person that owns him as OMAN is paying him to fight with him. And the price for it is much more than enough to save SARA’s life. RADHI became OMAN’s toys to obtain profit and fate brought him and SALEH to the arena of Malaysian Super Fighter 2012.

Both RADHI and SALEH fight their personal battle till it’s time for them to fight each and every other. Two fighter meet eye to eye and fight for someone else life and not their own. Nor RADHI or SALEH would ever give up. They give their greatest.

Who will win this fight? Will SALEH win and take back SALEHA to his parents safely? Or will RADHI wins and save SARA’s life? All of this will be revealing in this action pack film ‘1 LAWAN SATU’…

Gritty Martial Arts Actioner 1 LAWAN SATU (ONE ON ONE) Releases Domestically Today
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