Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Steven Seagal Prepares For War In The New Trailer For FORCE OF EXECUTION

The new trailer is out for the new action crime thriller, Force Of Execution, which sees helmer Keoni Waxman back in the director's seat with starring lead, veteran action hero Steven Seagal. The film is the fourth project shared by the two given that working on A Harmful Man (2009), television series Correct Justice (2012), and Maximum Conviction (2012) with Steve Austin co-starring.

The film also stars actor Bren Foster who also appeared in Maximum Conviction. Foster previously starred in the Mel Gibson and Jet Li executive produced fantasy martial arts thriller, Invincible, with legendary Hong Kong action designer Tony Ching Siu-Tung, and director Jefrey Levy. Machete Kills lead Danny Trejo also stars in the film, along with actor Ving Rhames playing the villain. Rhames is at present rumored to star in Mission Not possible five with Tom Cruise.

Jesus Jr., David Home, Sarah Minnich and Jenny Gabrielle round out the cast.

Alexander Coates’ (Seagal) criminal empire has been very good to him – and devastating to his enemies – until his number 1 hitman, Roman Hurst, messes up what need to have been a routine hit. Alexander spares his protégé’s life but cripples his hands, therefore ‘retiring’ Hurst forever. Just before lengthy, even though, Alexander realizes that he’ll need to have Hurst’s help 1 last time when Iceman (Rhames), a ruthless killer, surfaces.

Steven Seagal Prepares For War In The New Trailer For FORCE OF EXECUTION
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