Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Young Once And Future Master Gets His Story Rebooted In RISE OF A LEGEND

Martial Arts Film Junkie has reported through Film Company Asia that Bill Kong is aiming to reboot the story of Chinese kung fu Master Wong Fei-Hung. The film will be titled Rise Of A Legend, offsetting a China/Hong Kong co-production under's Kong's banner, Edko Films Ltd., joined by BDI Films Inc. and Irresistible Delta. Film Enterprise Asia also reports that Correct Legend scribe and Fearless co-writer Christina To-Chi Long is signed to bring the story to life, revamping Rise Of A Legend as a story that will primarily concentrate its plot on a younger version of the kung fu master.

Wong's life story and legend have been immortalized in novels, film Tv for decades, with the initial incarnation of Wong's story brought to life in the 1934 serialized publication of Legend Of Wong Fei-Hung, written by author Chu Yu-Chai, 1 of many student who studied under the actual-life Lam Sai-wing. In the decades that followed, Wong's story has observed the rise and recognition of famous Hong Kong and mainland actors, directors and fight choreographers. Legendary actor Kwan Tak-Hing's portrayal as the master was featured in more than 70 films from 1949 by means of 1970, with director Wu Peng, aided by son and surviving wife, Hon-Hei and Mok Wai-Lin. And considering that then, far more films would inform Wong's story between various eras of his life, among dueling studios, Golden Harvest and Shaw Brothers. These films incorporated The Master Of Kung Fu (1973), Challenge Of The Masters (1976), Drunken Master (1978), Dreadnaught (1981), and Martial Club (1981) to name a handful of. Other renditions of the famed Hung Kuen master and founder of Po Chi Lam consist of the famed When Upon A Time In China Series that began below director Tsui Hark in 1991 with then-increasing action star Jet Li, the 1993 Yuen Woo-Ping-directed Iron Monkey with actress Angie Tsang Sze-Man playing the younger version of the part alongside Donnie Yen portraying true life hero Wong Kei-ying, and the 1994 Jackie Chan/Lau Kar-Leung collaboration, The Legend Of Drunken Master.

Of course, these are just some of the films amongst other venues by which Wong's story has been told more than the previous century, numerous of which are stated to be by largely sensationalized and flawed by factual accounts. Exciting although that it most likely didn't matter a lot to the surviving members of the Wong household at the time, but that's just me speaking. Even so, a new film that would in the end reboot the story of a master whose legacy would forever support shape martial arts in cinema and the true planet could be a good factor.

Casting and crewing news is nevertheless pending, so keep tuned for a lot more info. And feel free of charge to take a look at a more in depth read about Wong Fei-Hung and his cinematic legacy at Kung Fu Cinema, courtesy of Mark Pollard.

A Young Once And Future Master Gets His Story Rebooted In RISE OF A LEGEND
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