Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Casting Updates For "All-Girl Expendables' Film And Teenage Assassin Film, BARELY LETHAL

A handful of women are producing headlines this week in casting news. This, in a year that continues to see a substantial presence of females in action cinema, which includes the fourthcoming release of underground action horror flick, Raze, the Helfi Kardit-directed action thriller, Guardian, and actress Julie Estelle who's introduction to Gareth Huw Evans' s upcoming action sequel, The Raid two: Berandal, which remains to be a single of the most hotly-anticipated roles of the coming year.

Final week, actress Sharni Vinson expressed her thoughts and hopes of performing more action roles in an interview with Flicks And The City, with roles like Lara Croft and Elektra thrown in as honorable mentions for roles she would really like to do. Small did I know that just a number of days later in a report over at Collider, Vinson was announced as the most current addition to Dredd producer Adi Shankar's untitled, currently-building all-female take on the Stallone action car, The Expendables.

Vinson will be joined by actress, MMA pro-fighter and In The Blood star Gina Carano, and Riddick co-star and Harley Quinn hopeful, actress Katee Sackhoff. Vinson's prior credits incorporate Step Up 3D and Blue Crush two. She at present stars in her extended-awaited and newly released residence invasion action horror thriller, You're Next, from director Adam Wingard, now playing in theaters.

On Tuesday, it was reported more than at Screendaily that actress Jessica Alba will be starring in the upcoming October production of Barely Lethal, with director Kyle Newman. The Machete Kills actress will be joining the production alongside Oldboy co-star, actor Samuel L. Jackson as the primary villains of the film.

Back in April, actress Hailee Steinfeld was announced as the lead, a quirky teenage assassin who enrols in a suburban high college soon after faking her own death in the pursuit of a normal life, until her old boss discovers her whereabouts and starts hunting her. Steinfeld will quickly be appearing in the upcoming November 1, 2013 release of Enders Game with actors Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford, from writer/director Gavin Hood. The actress also joins actor Kevin Costner for theMcG project, 3 Days To A Kill for a Valentines' Day release subsequent year.

Alba will appear with lead actor Danny Trejo in the theatrical release of Machete Kills on October 11, 2013.
Casting Updates For "All-Girl Expendables' Film And Teenage Assassin Film, BARELY LETHAL
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