Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chris Evans Is Battle-Scarred In The Final Trailer For SNOWPIERCER

Chris Evans is set to lead an ensemble cast in the international Korean sci-fi action production, Snowpiercer. The film is set to release in Korea on August 1, 2013, with a date in North America nevertheless pendng courtesy of The Weinstein Firm.

What far more can I say? The film appears epic, action packed and exciting, broadened in scope by a narrative that actually takes place about the planet on a extremely-powered supertrain developed to survive the freezing cold aftermath of a failed bold effort to cease international warming. And with a story set on a train that explores a societal caste program that ultimately turns into a contained brutal war epic, you can count on just the excitement that each and every trailer so far has supplied, such as today's final trailer which you can view under.

Snowpiercer is co-written and directed by Bong Joon-ho and stars Chris Evans,Sung Kang-ho, Jamie Bell, Ewen Bremmer, Allison PillTilda SwintonOctavia SpencerKo Asung, John Hurt and Ed Harris.

Primarily based on the French graphic novel, "Le Transperceniege" by Benjamin Legrand and Jacques Lob, Snowpiercer requires location in the year 2035 where globe war has thrown the planet into a snow-covered post apocalyptic state, forcing Earth's final survivors to board the higher-tech Snowpiercer train. When their worlds collide, the survivors, divided by economic class, face an ironic turn of events causing their last very best hope to grow to be a dangerous and deadly battleground that will endanger what remains of humanity.

Chris Evans Is Battle-Scarred In The Final Trailer For SNOWPIERCER
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