Thursday, November 7, 2013

[UPDATED] Watch Jessi Fisher Take The Fight To The Enemy In THE DRIVE!

UPDATE - 9.8.13: 'The Drive' has because been removed from Amazon Studios and is now available only on director Bob Bravler's official Vimeo channel. CLICK Right here TO VIEW IT.

Please direct your consideration now to the newest online gem to hit the film festival circuit, this summer time. Now available for viewing at Amazon Studios is the new shortfilm, The Drive, starring action actress, stuntwoman and cirque performer Jessi Fisher, and directed by veteran stuntman and actor Bob Bravler.

I spoke to producer and stunt coordinator Tony Snegoff who stated the project, as effectively as Fisher, the principal lead of the action packed mini-movie. Originally meant as a smaller sized-scale project to function some amazing stuntwork for a number of reels for Fisher and the director. Evidently, the project ended up into one thing a lot larger and grew into a shortfilm with some important possible.

That possible led to its rousing displaying at this year's Action On Film festival in Monrovia, California in August where it landed an award for Ideal Sound Style, in addition to 1st runner up for Greatest Female Action Performer of the Year and Greatest Functionality In An Acting Part, as well as a nomination for Best Martial Arts Choreography. And it is that extremely prospective that I am told now has Bravler in talks to assist turn The Drive into a riveting new webseries, possibly with Fisher as the lead.

The Drive delivers solid action right from the starting, as Fisher plays a circus performer forced to use her athletic abilities from the center ring to the battlefield, taking out handfuls of armed guards, dodging bullets and leaping over moving automobiles to obtain a flash drive containing important information important to finding her brother. The stunts are spectacular, with the all round theme illustrating what appears to be anything that could undoubtedly advantage from a significantly a lot more mainstream series, or even a feature-length film if prepared. And considering Bravler's in depth resume, I would have no argument against him directing it.

Watch the trailer under and see for yourself. And see if you can locate actor James Lew who tends to make a brief appearance in it.

CLICK Right here to view The Drive!

Jessi Rose is a circus superstar. When speak to with her brother abruptly ends, and all evidence of his existence has vanished, she leaves the circus to find him.

But soon after asking also several queries, a hit is place on Jessi and her house is destroyed in a gas leak explosion. Assumed dead, Jessi targets those who targeted her.

Right after some cautious espionage function, Jessi discovers vital details to locate her brother is stored on a flash drive at a remote government safety contractor base.

Her mission: Secure the drive.
The Drive - Official Trailer (2013) from Bob Bralver on Vimeo.

[UPDATED] Watch Jessi Fisher Take The Fight To The Enemy In THE DRIVE!
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