Thursday, November 7, 2013

John Salvitti Pays Tribute To His Mentor, Donnie Yen In A New BTS Look At SPECIAL ID

Right now we have a brand new featurette for the upcoming mixed martial arts cop thriller, Unique ID, directed by Clarence Fok. The footage is a tribute to lead action star coming straight from the YouTube account of multi-faceted actor, fight choreographer and Martial Arts Hall Of Fame inductee, John Salvitti.

Featuring music by Eminem from the inspirational soundtrack of the 2002 hip hop drama, eight Mile, the reel is a brilliant compilation of behind-the-scenes gems that take you straight to the set of the upcoming action thriller starring international action star Donnie Yen, with Salvitti front and center. For the unengaged, Salvitti is a lengthy time buddy and companion of Yen, with roots in Hong Kong cinema dating back to roles in such films as In The Line Of Duty four, Tiger Cage, Crystal Hunt and Cheetah On Fire. According to The Stunt Folks blogger and independent filmmaker Eric Jacobus, it was Salvitti's influentual knowledge in mixed martial arts that played a heavy function in Yen's revolutionary choreography in current years, varying from the hand-to-hand combat and grappling methods you see in the German Television action series, Codename: Puma and the 2002 vampire sequel thriller Blade 2, to the 2007 smash hit, Flash Point.

Catch the highlights here, and appreciate the featurette at the bottom of the web page beneath Salvitti's description. And stay tuned for even more of his operate in Yen's subsequent film, director Teddy Chen's Last Of The Best, which releases next year.

For a lot more details, go to John Salvitti's official internet site.

Specific ID also stars Jing Tian, Hanyu Zhang, Qi Daji, Andy On and Ken Lo and will release domestically on October 18 prior to its forthcoming U.S. release by Effectively Go USA.

Specific Identity perform behind the scenes by John Salvitti as a dedication to mentor Donnie Yen.  
"The very best I've worked with! Started me in the Hong Kong business 25 yrs ago! Bro's more than 30 yrs!!!" Oscar winning DP Peter Pau (Crouching Tiger) captured accurate artistry in every frame as our DP on Specific Identity!  
Particular Idenity Production Notes : Peter Pau was really pleased to have John Salvitti operate on the film with Donnie Yen as he did in Flash Point, making mixed martial arts (MMA) scenes that show a deep passion and really like for the Arts. John Salvitti mentioned, "I am honored that a correct artist/autore as Peter Pau is, took notice of my operate. This one's for our martial art bro's and sis's out there, my parents, my wife shoko and daughter Maya. Time apart and sacrifice."  
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John Salvitti Pays Tribute To His Mentor, Donnie Yen In A New BTS Look At SPECIAL ID
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