Monday, November 4, 2013

Watch The Official Music Video For SPECIAL ID Featuring Singer Kun Yang

We have a new official music video this Friday in promotion for the upcoming release of director Clarence Fok's martial arts action thriller, Specific ID. The music video functions mainland Chinese singer and the film's co-star Kun Yang performing the title song, "Wǒ méi nǐ xiǎng dì nàme jiānqiáng (我没你想的那么坚强)", which translates in English as "I am Not So Powerful As You Feel".

The song appears to be really poignant in reflecting the inner struggles of the relative characters, such as Donnie Yen, who can be observed as the undercover cop forced to endure handfuls of poor guys in various scenes, from a bathroom stall and in a street brawl on a rainy evening. It seems to also illustrate some of what Yen meant during a Beijing press conference back in July whilst promoting the film when discussing the require to exhibit a much more personal dimension to his character, telling news outlets "I employed to concentrate on how to thrill audiences with my martial arts, ...But now, I want to combine character with action."

Take a look at the video and see for oneself.

Specific ID also stars actress Jing Tian, Hanyu Zhang, Qi Daji, Andy On and Ken Lo, and is slated for a domestic release on October 18, 2013 long just before its North American release from Effectively Go USA.

Specific thanks to Facebook friend Charlie Ruedpokanon for the song title translation.

Photo: Bentara Asia
Watch The Official Music Video For SPECIAL ID Featuring Singer Kun Yang
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