Monday, November 4, 2013

[UPDATED] SPL 2 Gets Its Director

Update: An article posted at Twitch on 9/13/13 reaffirms Tony Jaa is nonetheless confirmed for S.P.L. two, reaffirming rumors reported late last year.

A google-translated write-up over at MTime this week reports that S.P.L. director Wilson Yip will be creating alongside director Pou-Soi Cheang (Dog Bite Dog) for the at the moment-establishing Sha Po Lang 2, the sequel to the Yip-directed 2005 gritty martial arts revenge cop thriller The news comes a tiny over a month right after the film was greenlit by the State Administration Of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television in a report from Film Organization Asia back in August.

The MTime article also expanded on earlier reports relating to the return of actor Donnie Yen who starred in the initial film with actors Sammo Hung and Wu Jing, telling readers that Yen's look may only extend to that of a guest role, thinking about his fate in the 1st film, which nonetheless leaves a lot more in the air about what the film's plot will entail. Hung and Jing are also expected to return with actors Andy On and Francis Ng jumping on board for the film.

The report also confirms that actor Tony Jaa will not be starring, despite rumors suggesting so a little over a year ago. As an alternative, the Tom Yum Goong two star will be significantly busier among now and next year working on his subsequent film with his A Man Will Rise co-star Dolph Lundgren in Skin Trade, in addition to resolving factors with his former boss in order to begin filming director James Wan's Quick And Furious 7 for its July 11, 2014 release.

Yen lately wrapped up filming his most recent action flick with director Teddy Chen in Last Of The Very best and will be moving forward with Cheang on Dragon City, a single of two films being developed under Yen's newly unveiled banner, Superhero Films, ahead of shooting Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon two: The Green Destiny this Spring. Yen will soon be noticed back in screenfighting kind opposite Ken Lo and Andy On in the extended awaited release of the Hong Kong gangster-fu crime thriller, Particular ID.

Check out the new behind the scenes featurette released on Wednesday. No English subtitles are offered, regrettably.

On lately appeared in the most recent martial arts sports drama, Unbeatable, from director Dante Lam which had its most current premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival final weekend. Further releases are still pending. On also mysteriously popped up in a femme and macho poster, in addition to an epic trailer for a film unveiled on Fu Huayang's Weibo numerous months ago titled Angel Warriors, which screened for a test audience back in June. Jing is at present finishing up his newest directorial stint in the commando thriller, Warg, with action star Scott Adkins, while Hung is awaiting his look in the upcoming Phillip Ng starrer, When Upon A Time In Shanghai.

Cheang and Yen will also be advertising the February 14, 2014 release of the 3D kung fu spectacle, The Monkey King, in addition to Yen's continuation of the two-component production of the Hong Kong classic modern day-day wuxia reboot, Iceman 3D. Actor Ng will also be starring in this year's mainland Fall release of the gritty martial arts action crime thriller, Spend Back, with Louis Fan Siu-Wong and Asian cinema legend Cynthia Khan.

Keep tuned for additional SPL two updates!

Thanks in component to David Vo more than at Martial Arts Action Cinema for some of the expanded translation he shared on his web page.
[UPDATED] SPL 2 Gets Its Director
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