Friday, November 8, 2013

Vin Diesel Drops Info On Fifth RIDDICK Film

Actor Vin Diesel loves to keep in touch with his fans, often teasing and surprising them with cryptic updates about his current happenings in film. (Then once more, what superstar doesn't enjoy teasing his or her fans?). That stated, Diesel posted some news on Facebook that would ultimately keep the Riddick fanbase cheering for an additional couple of years:

So the there was a screening for the Studio...  
The Director thinks it is Riddick's ideal, the Producers feel it is the Director's greatest... and the Studio.. nicely... The Studio now wants to make the following chapter... "COR: The Underverse".  
Although, this would be couple of years away, a script could come in subsequent month...  
P.s. Those 30 million of you, who saw the production approach through Our web page... kinda surreal huh?

This would in the end imply a fifth function-length film for the franchise (the third getting the animated house release of Dark Fury). And in my opinion, an action adventure spin-off that explores what the "Underverse" is truly about would be an intriguing breakthrough, specifically given that most of us have only ever heard of in the second film, The Chronicles Of Riddick.

In that film, we saw our titular, bright-eyed, steely-voiced hero tackle armies of necromongers led by a supernatural prophet who foresaw his own agenda by applying his dogma anywhere in the universe, and murderously taking the souls of any individual who stood in his way. In addition, the final battle in between our hero and the supernatural villain gave us a taste of just how effective the "Underverse" can be when applied mano-e-mano. So I can already imagine that with Chronicles Of Riddick: The Underverse, of course, the antagonist here will have to be bigger than that of the first 3 motion pictures, including the upcoming September release of Riddick, in which the anti-hero will be battling a new breed of mercenary, in addition to the usual intergalactic monster community somehow able to thrive on a deserted wasteland of a planet that gets even a lot more populated at evening.

So, on that note, even though some might have their own opinions about the 2004 live-action film, or even about Diesel as an actor, it does set up an additional layer of Riddick's story we can now completely engage in. I know I could be jumping ahead of myself even though, but absolutely nothing incorrect with a tiny speculation and excitement, particularly since we are currently hearing some excellent news about the upcoming film that fans can definitely appear forward to. Besides, the Riddick franchise as a whole is currently exceptional, with its gritty, violent graphic novel really feel, headlined by a lead character created iconic thanks to one of the most influential action stars of our time. So you know what? I am not about to complain.
Diesel also has other projects in the operates, such as xXx3, and the next installment of Quickly And Furious with James Wan directing. And then of course you have THIS among other items...

Rest assured though, Diesel is only aiming higher with his franchises. And in the likelihood that Riddick succeeds at the box workplace, there is no doubt that The Underverse might take us there with him.

Riddick opens September 6, 2013.

"Convert now... or fall forever!"  ~Lord Marshall

Vin Diesel Drops Info On Fifth RIDDICK Film
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