Friday, November 8, 2013

RISE OF A LEGEND Shoots This Week; Sammo Hung Attached To Co-Star

Asian Film Pulse has reported via Filmbiz.Asia that director Roy Chow will begin filming his latest action adventure film, Rise Of The Legend, as early as Tuesday with action director Corey Yuen designing the sequences. The update comes as the anticipation looms more than who will play the iconic lead part of the late, legendary martial arts master and healer, Wong Fei-Hung, whose life has been told and immortalized in a number of versions of Tv and film more than the previous century.

The film was created public in a prior report two weeks ago with Bill Kong creating, and Accurate Legend and Fearless scribe Christine To Chi-Lengthy supplying the screenplay, detailing the story of Master Wong's earlier life. It was also announced that Unbeatable stars Nick Cheung and Eddie Peng, and The Legend Is Born: Ip Man star Dennis To Yu-Hang have been among those tapped for the lead role.

Twitchfilm also confirms that martial arts cinema legend Sammo Hung will return to the set along with actor and fellow Jackie Chan Presents: Wushu co-star Zhang Jin, sharing supporting roles along with The Guillotines co-star Jing Boran. Hung himself also shares a deep cinematoc lineage with the legendary master on film, getting worked on numerous productions, namely on 1 in the theatrical depiction of Wong's pupil, Lam Sai-Wing, in the 1983 film, The Magnificent Butcher, with the legendary actor Kwan Tak-Hing. Hung also shares his history with the late legendary asian cinema actor and action director Lau Kar-Leung, who was a fourth generation disciple of Master Wong. Master Leung passed away on June 25, 2013 at the age of 78.

Zhang Jin currently stars in Wong Kar-Wai's newest biopictoral kung fu epic, The Grandmaster, which is set for a limited North American release next week as Martin Scorsese Presents: The Grandmaster, courtesy of The Weinstein Company.

Keep tuned for far more data.
RISE OF A LEGEND Shoots This Week; Sammo Hung Attached To Co-Star
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