Friday, November 8, 2013

VIKINGDOM Director Sets The Record Straight Addressing Fact And Fiction In Media And Film

Director Yusry Abd Halim took to YouTube on Thursday to problem public statements in light of the upcoming release of his newest film, Vikingdom. In the video, Halim takes a detailed and comprehensive method to criticisms and issues with regards to the new film, a Malaysian production written by James Coyne and starring Dominick Purcell, Craig Fairbass, Natassia Malthe, Jon Foo and Conan Stevens, which has already been picked up by Universal Photographs for a multi-territorial release.

With historical and religious issues in thoughts, Halim points out many quotes from interviews he's completed with numerous news outlets, largely addressing of the lies, twisted details and misunderstandings about the film pushed in the Malay press. Toward the end of the video, Halim also explains the apparent distinction in between his film, and the film to which his own was compared by one of his crtics, The Innocence Of Muslims, an anti-Muslim video which sparked a quantity of protests in numerous countries in late 2012.

Now this is me, the editor of this article talking...

Right after watching this video, I have to commend Halim for taking such an intelligent and reserved strategy to the negativity driven toward his movie, which will finally make its way to theaters in North America next month. I also discover it difficult to stomach when an on the web troll forces a dialogue on such a ridiculous problem as a movie that particularly centers itself on a mythological operate of fictional and fantasy. In addition, as a non-practioner of religion, I humbly appreciate and respect those who use their faith to support mankind and not hurt individuals, and I strongly assistance them in their endeavors. And I say this in writing so as to not be misconstrued by trolls on the world wide web who feel I hate religious people, but to clarify one particular easy point for myself and not director Halim, who has already stated his case: Any individual who is dumb sufficient to take an clear perform of fiction and try to turn it to a critical and severe discussion need a psychological evaluation. And any person crazy enough to liken this film to anything as offensive and upsetting as The Innocence Of Muslims needs a foot up the ass.

I fail to believe any individual in their right thoughts would factually claim Vikingdom was a freaking biopic. Honestly, appear at the damn trailers, and then let me know when Thor lands on Earth with a letter from the officials in Aasgard to demand a retraction of this report, and I will be pleased to oblige...unless Blond Thor says otherwise.

Vikingdom opens in restricted theaters on October four, 2013.

Watch the complete video for correct context.

VIKINGDOM Director Sets The Record Straight Addressing Fact And Fiction In Media And Film
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