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Guerrilla Filmmaking At It's Most Dysfunctional In The New Trailer For AGENT 6

Independent filmgroup Torrid Productions has a new trailer out for a new shortfilm on its way to this year's film festival circuit, and not without having a sense of intrigue. The shortfilm is titled Agent 6, and I 1st discovered about this project a couple of months ago by means of actress Bridger Anne Fox who shot her fight scene in the course of one particular weekend.

In my current dialogue with Bridger, she spoke extremely of the project, as well as co-star Pierre Parker, and director, Desciple. "We have been just having enjoyable and the fights were choreographed on the spot. I had by no means worked with Pierre Parker prior to, but we had some wonderful fight chemistry." Bridger also enthused that Agent 6 was the very best unscripted, guerrilla-style action project she has ever worked on, adding, "[Desciple] and Pierre Parker had been brilliant leaders/directors/collaborative coordinators. The fight turned out fantastic since they treated me as an equal and actually wanted my input."

I ultimately got to see this trailer soon after it had already been on the web for a couple of months now since its initial teaser was released in April, which was also a surprise to me. The idea of guerrilla filmmaking isn't old, but it is worth discussing as it brings an exciting new look on how a filmmaker like Desciple creates what he calls a "dysfunctional","hyper reality" action film. As far as "dysfunctional" action filmmaking goes, take with it whatever defintion you will, since it pretty much signifies precisely what Desciple says it is. No script, no pre-production and just plain entertaining.

Agent 6 Trailer

He explains it all and much more in my recent e-mail interview with him, which you can view beneath.

Film Combat Syndicate: What brought about the idea for Agent six story?
Desciple: Myself, as properly as most of the filmmakers, are from the disciplined filmmaker 101 background that most experts require on their sets. This was an chance to have enjoyable by breaking the rules and get back to the "Exciting" of just receiving together with your close friends and making a "Run and Gun" film which is extremely related to the mindset of 48 hour film festival.
FCSyndicate: Describe "Hyper-Reality" action film producing. Is this a first for you?
D: Hyper-Reality is a idea I invented to counteract to a lot of of the reality shows that has taken more than the industry. There was NO SCRIPT! Who ever showed up was in the film. The story developed as we had been filming. The only pre conceived notion was that the concept was of an assassin was going to use his mental well being positive aspects from his job.
FCSyndicate: How lengthy did shooting take?
D: Principle photography took spot on 2 Sundays for the duration of the day due to the fact that was the only time we had access to my buddy's perform office.
FCSyndicate: And what were some of the challenges that you and the cast and crew endured?
D: No 1 knew, not even me, what was going to come about.  Primarily, the challenge was to get it completed speedily prior to men and women got restless.
FCSyndicate: Are you a massive fan of improvisational acting?
D: Am a huge fan when it is effective. I tend to cast people who are naturally born characters. It's simpler for them to make their personal personalities bigger than life opposed to possessing to study for a component of a character they are not familiar with.
FCSyndicate: And are there any positive aspects to generating on the spot? 
D: The answer is yes. I try not to take issues too critical simply because i've spent too much time taking this business way also severe.
FCSyndicate: Speaking on choreography, what kind of action can fans expect from a "dysfunctional" action short film?
D: Absolutely nothing was storyboarded or rehearsed. As actual martial artists, the actors have been able to let their hair down and fight as if there was no set choreography.  Almost everything was on spot.
FCSyndicate: Considering the liberties you took in creating this kind of film, are there any hilarious moments you can remember while filming?
D: We all laughed the whole time.  No pressures of being serious.
FCSyndicate: Were there any injuries?
D: No....fortunately
FCSyndicate: What is it you enjoy most about action motion pictures? Any favorites?
D: It really is an art kind that is really visual and emotional. It's a physical story. I adore Woo Ping choreography.
FCSyndicate: Where can film festival goers catch Agent 6 from here on out?
D: SHortz! in Chico - ACTION ON FILM in So. Cali. More screenings coming.
FCSyndicate: What are some other projects you're presently operating on?
D: A concept of a crack head and a heroine addict who stumble upon a child pornography ring and they determine to turn out to be heroes without obtaining busted.
FCSyndicate: Any tips for other aspiring independent filmmakers out here?
D: Jump in! Finish what you have started. Your cast and crew will thank you. Never worry about getting the latest camera out there simply because it will be outdated in a couple of months. Just hold creating product and watch your talent, style and efficiency create. 
Most importantly, Never BURN ANY BRIDGES...cuz you are going to never'll in no way know.

I want to thank Desciple for taking share this dialogue with me, and for sharing his perform with me this week.

Keep tuned for a lot more news about Desciple and his future projects. For much more info about Torrid Productions, go to their official internet site. To find out much more about Bridger Anne Fox, check out her official internet site at More details can be discovered at her official Stunt Men and women bio web page.
Guerrilla Filmmaking At It's Most Dysfunctional In The New Trailer For AGENT 6
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