Thursday, November 7, 2013

VIGILANTE DIARIES: Episode 1 Is Now Online

The very first episode of executive producer and director Christian Sesma's most recent hyperviolent, graphic novel-stylized, initial-person action thrill ride, Vigilante Diaries is now offered to the public, courtesy of Machinima Etc. The series was developed by Paul Sloan who stars along with Jason Mewes, Kevin L. Walker, Jacqueline Lord and Jessica Uberuaga.

Sesma's bold new series is also offered for viewing over at, exactly where the most significant distinction lies in the amount of gratuitous violence, action, foul language, nudity and all other types of content that typically is not allowed on Youtube. So the only way you can completely get pleasure from the series and what it has to provide, as well as keep it going for much more seasons, is to pay a visit to and acquire every episode for your raw, uncensored, uncut, blood-soaked viewing pleasure.

In the meantime, you can check out the censored version in the embed under exactly where you could also understand far more info about the series in the description.
VIGILANTE DIARIES: Episode 1 Is Now Online
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