Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shawn Baichoo Takes No Prisoners In The New Shortfilm, THE PUNISHER: NO MERCY

Following releasing their 1st teaser in May and circulating via this summer's film festival circuit, the Montreal-primarily based independent action film group, The Kombat Krew, unveiled their new Marvel quick fan film, The Punisher: No Mercy. Directed by independent filmmaker, co-producer/writer J. Ambrus, the shortfilm was shot amongst October and November 2012 for three.5 non-consecutive shooting days with actor, indie action star and stunt coordinator, Shawn Baichoo in a exclusive portrayal of the Marvel character opposite actors James Malloch and Giancarlo Caltabiano.

The short film also stars actress and martial arts perfomer Amber Goldfarb in the role of fellow Marvel anti-heroine in red, Elektra, which for Baichoo was, as he explains, a certain casting choice waiting to come about over the final several years. "Amber and I knew each other vaguely from theatre school (she graduated a handful of years following me), but I got to know her when we worked on Assassin's Creed II together. Appropriately sufficient, I was designing a fight for it and she was the actress cast to kick some ass. Soon after that we began training collectively and doing small projects and became great pals, and so when the thought for PNM came up, I thought she'd be a shoe-in for Elektra. In reality, we wrote in Elektra due to the fact of her, not the other way around (i.e. writing the portion and then attempting to cast it)!"

Baichoo and I later chatted on a mildly controversial topic as of current surrounding renowned superheroes and casting alternatives for films, a subject we proceeded right after discussing his own experimental inventive measures for playing Frank Castle. As far as criticisms go, Baichoo has currently garnered a lot of praise for his approach toward the role, including the overall look and narration that requires place. In contrast, he also recognizes some criticisms from hardcore fans more than the situation of Baichoo playing a bald emulation of the beloved skull-wearing ass kicker. Nevertheless, he tends to make no apologies in his illustration of the character, and continues to concentrate on the upsides to presenting a different kind of image for the role, like 1 in certain. "A single of the ups of obtaining a bald Punisher (Baldisher?) is that my head almost looks skull-like in some shots, adding to the menace and symbolism I find." he says. "I see Frank as a force of nature, an angel of death. He's barely human any far more. That gets a bit lost when he appears like some young handsome man with a neat tiny haircut."

Baichoo has plans to adhere to up The Punisher: No Mercy in later projects, supplied the viewing numbers are good, in addition to other superhero projects. So really feel totally free to verify it out in the embed under, and follow Baichoo on twitter @ShawnBaichoo for far more exciting content material in the months ahead.

You can also find Twitter and Facebook hyperlinks to subscribe to the shortfilm in the YouTube description.

Expect no deals, no compromises and no mercy in this fan-adaptation of Marvel's foremost anti-hero, The Punisher! In "The Punisher: No Mercy" Frank Castle pursues his dark crusade of brutal justice against criminals who prey on the innocent. They may possibly think they're above the law, and they may be appropriate, but they're not above punishment, they are not above HIM.
Shawn Baichoo Takes No Prisoners In The New Shortfilm, THE PUNISHER: NO MERCY
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