Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The New Webseries Trailer For THE UNDETECTED Is Online!

Writer, co-producer and director Rennie Sharp is unveiling the new trailer this month for his upcoming webseries premiere, The Undetected. The trailer certainly lends a nod to spy/espionage/action-oriented storytelling that fans of indie action would likely appreciate, specially if you really like shows like 24 and films like The Art Of War.

Fortunately, New York City residents will be in a position to catch the pilot episode, which is debuting at the Ocktober Film & Music Festival next week in Harlem, Manhattan. Sharp is set to commence shooting episode two subsequent year.

The Undetected stars Storm Gunraj, Mathilde Dratwa, Peter D. Michael, Rick Koller and Jessica Castro, and was also created by Marie Y. Lemelle, with action and stunts coordinated by Haaron Hines.

For a lot more information, pay a visit to the Ocktober Music & Film Fest official web site, and subscribe to the series web page on Facebook for further updates.

Chris has spent the last 3 years in prison, but he cannot recall the crime he’s been convicted of. Only his nightmares lend him hints to the puzzle.  No 1 he’s in a position to trust can assist him piece the nightmarish specifics collectively. 
As is the case with most unsolved mysteries, there’s usually a person who reads in between the lines on a web page half written. 
Curiosity strikes the spark that leads Catherine Storm, the skeptical and aggressive investigative reporter, to Chris and his story of loss and discomfort unexplained.  Her indelible want for truth pushes her toward the answers Chris so desperately desires. 
Together, they embark on a journey to locate the truth behind the death of his fiancĂ©. Was the murder component of a considerably larger conspiracy led by one man’s obsession?  Or was it merely a strategy devised to destroy two lives? Will they uncover the truth ahead of it catches up with them?
The New Webseries Trailer For THE UNDETECTED Is Online!
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