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Film Of The Week: ELYSIUM (2013)

In the year 2154 two classes of folks exist: the extremely wealthy who reside on a pristine man-created space station known as Elysium, and the rest, who live on an overpopulated, ruined Earth. Secretary Rhodes, a government official, will stop at practically nothing to enforce anti-immigration laws and preserve the luxurious life style of the citizens of Elysium. That does not stop the individuals of Earth from trying to get in, by any indicates they can. When unlucky Max is backed into a corner, he agrees to take on a daunting mission that if profitable will not only save his life, but could bring equality to these polarized worlds.

I'm going to be straightforward and to the point to kick this review off. Or a commentary if you will. Whatever.

Prior to this week, I have noticed that there are some folks who have been already pissed off at Neill Blomkamp's most current film, Elysium, even those eager to opinionate themselves extended ahead of it came out. Especially speaking, it was the narrative with regards to the film's illustrated divide in between the poor and the very effectively-to-do that led some critics and curmudgeons to label this film as a politically motivated, socially-preachy film with some sort of liberal agenda. Oh please-Obviously that doesn't, necessarily invoke the majority as the film is currently kicking off to a quite excellent begin this weekend at the box workplace, regardless of whether or not some of those folks will see the film quickly, unless they already have. The point even though is, regardless of its hidden freaking what?!??

Elysium sets actor Matt Damon in the part of an ex-convict named Max, living in 22nd century Los Angeles where mankind is quite considerably sitting on the dystopian ass-finish of its existence, riddled with sickness, disease, intense poverty, and overpopulation, all of which are prominent issues all through a society fairly significantly run by robots who could not give a fuck about you. And this is on Earth, which is kinda depressing, would not you agree?

So all the wealthy individuals choose to get away from it all and move onto an artificial intergalactic spacestation planet exactly where they can thrive, reside in good houses, and cure fairly much every thing from the widespread cold and chicken pox, to broken bones, mutilated flesh and cancer. And it is all run by its personal president and governing physique who had the audacity to name their new house for the wealthy following a extended-conceived description of the afterlife, rooted in Greek mythology.

Consider about it.

Back on Earth, Max, ends up suffering from radiation poisoning at the factory exactly where he initially began working in the hopes of a new life, better pay, and even a trip to Elysium with his childhood crush, Frey, played by Alice Braga, who ultimately becomes a medical doctor, but is nonetheless left to her own devices despite her daughter suffering from the final stages of leukemia.

All this and more begins to materialize the plot as Max now has five days to get to Elysium or he will die. So who ideal to run to for help than his greatest buddy, Julio (Diego Luna), and Max's old crime boss, Spider (Wagner Moura)? And Spider has even A lot more problems of his own as properly, as his complete syndicate of cyber sleuths and hackers are using their own sources as greatest as possible to smuggle individuals into Elysium to get individuals the help they want, only to have actress Jodie Foster portrayal as Elysium's homeland cecurity chief, portrayal of Delacourt, and Sharlto Copley as her sleeper agent, Kruger, shooting down whatever flies into Elysium air space unwarranted, with surviving stragglers sent back to Earth so that the citizens of Elysium can live safely understanding their ideal tiny planet can remain perfect.

But this is not going to cease Max from trying, as he eventually gets armed with a hi-tech exo suit that will keep him on his feet as he and numerous men should locate a way into Elysium to get the remedy he demands, and perhaps even hack into the mainframe and reboot the program...only that mission goes balls up in the air and screwed, Max has to dodge bullets, armed droids and the prospects of causualties when Frey and her daughter are kidnapped by Kruger and his males while hunting Max down and catching him. From there, it is a actually massive one-shot coin toss, with even heavier gun fire and hard hitting action as Max fights his way by means of an army of guards, a hot-headed, sword-wielding mercenary with an axe to grind, and politicians who fairly much played all this a bit as well close to the chest and want this entire point to go away.

Yeah, it's fairly a lot the ultimate battle for mankind in a fantasy, science fiction setting, amidst a story of redemption and humanity. To best it all off, with Blomkamp at the helm and Copley back on set with him considering that the 2009 surprise hit, District 9, and a wonderful overall performance by Damon in a function initially meant for Eminem, I thought it was entertaining as all hell. And I ought to also add that actor William Fichtner was perfect in this film as one particular of the corporate cronies who runs the factory organization which Max works for. It was a mildly small function, but a single which also keot the film going. He was hilariously evil, and carried great screen presence with Foster, producing Elysium all the far more reason to go see this film this weekend.

Blomkamp tends to make for the ideal summer blockbuster filmmaker, with a excellent vision for film and storytelling that delivers as a wonderful film should. The artistic conception behind Elysium, the robots, the atmosphere, and all-about performances most notably by Damon, Braga, Foster, Moura and by all means, Copley, all have a hand at just how wonderful it is to go see a film that can lift your spirits up and maintain you entertained at the exact same time. The action is spectacular, the delivery of the story is effectively-balanced and thought out, and quiet compelling by the finish. Surely, the film does borrow a few elements from some movies, which most movies have a tendency to do these days, but it doesn't really matter as the film pretty much stands on its own feet. Also, the film does get a bit gory, from time to time, but all in very good fun.

So, yes, with an underdog story about a down-and-out factory worker whose newfound life-or-death struggle motivates him to turn out to be mankind's last hope for survival in a time exactly where "I've got mine, screw you!" has turn out to be a lifelong philosophy for the uber-rich on their supercool, superwealthy and superhealthy life in space, once again I ask these who have a problem with this film...SO WHAT?!?

Elysium was a wonderful movie packaged with truly fantastic actors, and a fantastic visionary director who is about to grow to be 1 of the most bankable filmmakers of our time. And as far as the film's socialpolitical whisper goes, Blomkamp just wanted to make a excellent film for moviegoers, and he did. Other people view it somewhat politically motivated, and that's fine. But if all you are going to do is dump on an excellent perform of science fiction because of some of its underlying political themes about earnings inequality, sickness and death, then by all indicates, really feel totally free to lose out on some truly fantastic entertainment.

Or better yet, if you can discover a far more appealing film to support where endorsing a fruitful, wealthy and wholesome life in outer space mean blowing innocent individuals to galactic smithereens and leaving Earth to rot in a smog-ridden wasteland with decreasing life-expectancy, then by all indicates, you happen to be cost-free to do that as nicely.

Is not freedom awesome?

I do not know about you, but I like heroes. So on that note, right here is a tip: Do your self a large favor this week when you appear up what to see at the motion pictures: Keep in mind to check your politics at the door, grab a ticket and a sack of popcorn and go see Elysium. I highly advise it.

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Film Of The Week: ELYSIUM (2013)
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