Saturday, November 2, 2013

Syndicate Shoutout: JESSE LA FLAIR In "UNFOUND"

I constantly create about motion pictures on my website, but I also like to take a moment to share the appreciation a lot of us have for the gifted athletes it takes to execute some of the brilliant stunts we so typically see in films via a variety of formats. In this case, meet Jesse La Flair, an internationally identified pro-athlete and American Ninja Warrior representing a new generation of traceurs for the new millenium. To his credits, La Flair is also a Hollywood actor and stunt performer. He is slated to appear in the romantic action thriller Run, the martial arts comedy, Bloody Sport and the 2014 epic sequel adventure, 300: Rise Of An Empire.

La Flair has a new video out this week shot by Tempest Freerunning inventive director, Chad Bonnano titled Unfound, featuring the 28 year old parkour professional showcasing his elite skills on place in Santa Monica, California. As of this writing, the video is properly on its way to 15,000 views considering that its upload, and for great cause. Really feel free of charge to verify out the video beneath to catch Jessie in action. And for more info, click the embed to source link to the description. Or go to his official internet site at
Pro Group Member Jesse La Flair goes Big for his 1st exclusive Tempest Freerunning video! This beautiful video was shot on the RED EPIC and made to convey the beauty of the decaying ruins in connection with some in no way before noticed or even attempted parkour and Free of charge operating movement. Unfound was shot in the Rustic Canyon's Nazi Ruins located in a secluded region in the Santa Monica Mountains known as Murphy's Ranch. Please SHARE and LIKE if you enjoyed this video.  
Jesse place his passion, blood (actually 3 stitches, numerous cuts, bruises and even a tetanus shot), sweat and tears into this video and just wants to thank every person who helped out and produced it possible. Thanks for watching and do not neglect to Subscribe for far more epic freerunning videos.

Syndicate Shoutout: JESSE LA FLAIR In "UNFOUND"
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