Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pre-Viz Action Teases Upcoming Production Of Fan Film, MMPR

The cast and crew of the extremely anticipated, developing fan-film, MMPR, is set to go into production in two weeks. So this week, the official facebook web page is teasing fans with new pre-production vids featuring fight choreography pre-visualization with action group, 18 Rounds. Take a appear:

MMPR, to be directed by Dominick Sivili, comes just more than a year since Sivili started a productive crowdfunder for his extremely ambitious take on the now 20-year old higher power television series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The not-for-profit fan film stars Dina Cataldi, Don Funds, Ricky Barksdale, and Kimberly and Ashley Carvalho in the title part. They are joined by actors John Damroth and Matt Meinsen, actors Robert Axelrod and Jerry Murdock as the voice and body of a newer take on 'Power Rangers' season two Television villain, Lord Zedd, and actor David Fielding, original mainstay of the Television show considering that the very first season in a celebratory return to the role, Zordon.

Be sure to check out the official internet site for the fan film and subscribe to the official MMPR Facebook page in the embed above, as effectively as on Twitter.

View the teaser trailer:

Pre-Viz Action Teases Upcoming Production Of Fan Film, MMPR
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