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S.P.L. 2 Gets Greenlit!

On Thursday, a surprise report from Film Enterprise Asia writer Kevin Ma has reported that Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd.'s sequel to the 2005 film, S.P.L. (a.k.a. Sha Po Lang), has been approved by State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT), otherwise known as the Chinese censorship board. International action star and world's busiest bad guy beater-upper, Donnie Yen, who appeared in the 2005 action hit, has also been attached to star in the film by way of newly-attached Champions and Revenge: A Enjoy Story scribe, Jill Leung Lai-Yin.

Yen's casting is a surprise considering the events of the final film, with Yen starring alongside Simon Yam as two cops with differing set philosophies aiming to take down the city's most ruthless gangster, played by Hong Kong action cinema legend Sammo Hung, and his incognito cop-killing assassin played by martial arts impresario and Tai Chi two star Jacky Wu Jing. The 2005 film centered on 3 stars of Chinese astrology, telling the story of these 3 main characters who would eventually reach their boiling point throughout the dramatic events of the film, top up to a climatic showdown between Yen and Hung in 1 of the hardest hitting action sequeneces in the history of heroic bloodshed and martial arts action cinema. The film would also kick-off its 2007 unrelated stick to-up, Flash Point with Drug War co-star Louis Koo, The Matrix Revolutions co-star Collin Chou and The Wrath Of Vajra star Shi Yanneng, as per what is now recognized as Yen's "Flash Point Fuse" trilogy top up to the upcoming October release of Specific ID, all centering around a lead character, a cop with mixed-martial arts education who would go above and beyond the contact of duty to save his fellow man.

Prior to additional collaborations amongst Yen, and director/co-writer Wilson Yip Wai-Shun that would follow, Sha Po Lang in the end became a smash hit amongst martial arts cinema fans, reviving an era of Hong Kong action cinema thought once to be lengthy lost soon after the new millemium, and would ultimately reset the normal of how Hong Kong action ought to be delivered.  S.P.L. evidently gifted North American distributor Dragon Dynasty one particular of its earliest releases below the title, Kill Zone. The film was also written by director Wilson Yip, along with the now late Szeto Kam-Yuen who also wrote Flash Point. Szeto sooner or later completed the script for Yen's latest 3D theatrical rendition of The Monkey King just before passing away from cancer October 13, 2012.

The press release for the film's finalization comes years after the first film was already in talks for a sequel to be directed by Dennis Law who chose to move his script on to the production of 2006 gangster flick, Fatal Move (a.k.a. Triad Wars) with actora Yam, Hung and Wu. International action star Tony Jaa was also tapped for a part as not too long ago as September last year for a sequel that was also rumored to function Hung and Wu for filming this year.

Casting and crewing updates are nonetheless pending, but rest assured, much like The Rapidly And Furious series of films from 2001, Sha Po Lang two could possibly lead into a second trilogy of mixed martial arts action cop movies-if that is the word. As for the plot my ideal guess is that it might surround a series of events connected to Yen's lightly pointed out backstory involving his character and that of actor Timmy Hung in the initial film, and only because a prequel would make sense, unless they decide to go with a new story with new characters beneath the same astrological narrative.

Of course, that's just me speaking, but I want to know what you consider.

Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd. also has yet another action film underway with writer Andy Lau Ho-Leung, who also wrote Last Of The Ideal, which is presently nevertheless filming with Yen starring with actor Wang Baoqiang and actress Charlie Yeung, under Bodyguards And Assassains director Teddy Chen. Yen is also tapped to operate on several far more films among now and subsequent year, which includes Kowloon Walled City and subsequent Spring's filming of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2: The Green Destiny
Stay tuned for a lot more information.

Question 1: How do you consider S.P.L. 2 will be approached with Donnie Yen back on the project?
Question two: Who ought to play the villain?

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S.P.L. 2 Gets Greenlit!
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