Thursday, November 7, 2013

South Wales Gets A Taste Of Hollywood For Its First Ever Martial Arts Action Thriller, KAMIKAZE In 2014

The South Wales Argus has reported that Hollywood action actor and veteran stuntman Marcus Shakesheff is helping to provide Gwent county's very first ever blockbuster action adventure thriller. The film is referred to as Kamikaze, primarily based on a story and screenplay by Shakesheff and writer Catherine Maher.

In the film, Shakesheff stars as Evan Reed, an ex-MI6 agent-turned-mercenary for hire who is picked by crooked Cabinet Minister David Beckham to steal files containing incriminating proof against a member of the UK parliament linking him to a weapons contractor. Intrigue ensues as the mission backfires and Beckham kidnaps Evan's girlfriend, Jess, with no choice but to battle his way by way of agents, thugs and assassins in order to rescue her.

The film also stars actor, stuntman and producer David Newtown, whose credits contain Captain America: The Very first Avenger, World War Z, Kick-Ass, and also shares stunt credits with Shakesheff for upcoming films Kick-Ass 2 and Thor: The Dark Planet. The film also stars Lawrence Patrick, Claire Carreno, Simon Pengelly, Lewis Cook and actor, tricker and martial arts performer Aaron Gassor, with Shakesheff also serving as fight choreographer.

If you are a fan of director Guy Ritchie's most recent theatrical installations of Sherlock Holmes starring actor Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, you could also, far more or less, recognize Shakesheff for his part in the 2011 sequel, A Game Of Shadows, as the Hashisheen, the agile wall-leaping, freerunning, blade wielding bearded assassin hired by Professor Moriarty who targets actress Noomi Rapace's character in the tavern brawl.

Kamikaze is also Shakesheff's directorial debut and the very first production from the newly established business, Beat em' Up Films. The film is due out for release on Jaunary 1, 2014.

Keep tuned for trailer news!
South Wales Gets A Taste Of Hollywood For Its First Ever Martial Arts Action Thriller, KAMIKAZE In 2014
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