Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fast Action And Zany Comedy In The New Project21 Indie Short, MAXIMUM IMPACT

Independent filmmaker Jason Heffner is readying to premiere his latest shortfilm, Maximum Effect, at the International House Philadelphia on September 29, 2013. The film is a short action comedy created beneath Heffner's film company, Drop The Hat Productions for the Project 21 film contest in Philidelphia, and illustrates a wacky action comedy about an ex-Navy Seal living a standard boring life till he finds himself "activated" when two bumbling would-be assassins try to kill him.

I spoke to Heffner this week who described a tiny a lot more about what drew him to the shortfilm, telling Film Combat Syndicate, "My goal with Maximum Impact was to make an in-your-face explosive Entertaining movie." He also expanded on the specifications for the Project 21 Film Festival in accordance with the conceptualization of the shortfilm, which also takes place to be his 7th entry for this year's events, saying "Every group signs up and tends to make a film in 21 days and it screens the last weekend in September. To prove you do not start off early, the festival offers a "secret element" you have to incorporate in your film. We got the element on Aug 3 and the film was handed in Aug 24. THe secret element was 'CELL'  - We incorporated CELL in several techniques, a terrorist cell, the physique cell, and cell phones."

Maximum Effect stars actor, stuntman and fight choreographer Jae Greene in his fourth stint with Heffner considering that operating together on The Universe And I in 2008. "I enjoy operating with Jae, he has worked hard to grow to be an skilled stunt fighter." he says. "I knew I could rely on him not only for fight choreography, but also as a comedic actor." The film also marks a rare occasion for Greene who has been privy to play mostly poor guy roles all through his career, as he produced it a main condition for his involvement for the sake of his 10 year old son, who also briefly appears in the shortfilm. "He knows what I do for a living of course," he says. "...Whenever I show him clips from my perform, he's like 'That's fantastic dad, but why do you usually get beat up? Why are you often the bad guy?' So when jason and I talked, I told him I didnt need to be a lead, but I wanted to be a very good guy and win a fight for a modify." He also added "The stuntmans' life is: Getting beat up and playing the chump, or the goon. I just wanted to reverse that just for once, and producing your own film sort of allows it."

Maximum Influence is also poised for a debut at the Trocadero Theater on October 27, 2013. Subscribe to the Maximum Effect Facebook web page for additional info, and stay tuned to Jae's official web page for Fearless Hyena Stunts to get the newest information and content from the group. Maximum Effect stars producer Jae Greene, along with actress Kealani Marie.

A group of "maximum humans" and a scientist take on the evil secret shadow government agency: T.H.A.Y.
Fast Action And Zany Comedy In The New Project21 Indie Short, MAXIMUM IMPACT
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