Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Title And Casting Confirmed For Wu Jing's WOLF WAR

An update more than at Chinesemov was unveiled by some viral movement on Facebook earlier today displaying the cast listing for director Jacky Wu Wing's upcoming commando action thriller, Wolf War. The film was titled Warg and Wolf in earlier reports with behind the scenes footage showing Wu and actor Scott Adkins on set filming in camouflage uniforms more than late summer in China.

Interestingly sufficient is that the cast listing also involves actress Yu Nan, who most recently made the spotlight in the all-star cast the 2012 blockbuster, The Expendables 2, and is also set to appear in Fu Huayang's exotic all-female jungle action thriller, Angel Warriors this November. In addition, the film has also apparently cast actor Vincent Zhao, very best identified for his function in such action titles as The Blacksheep Affair (a.k.a. An additional Meltdown), Wu Dang and Yuen Woo-Ping's martial arts adventure, Correct Legend. Zhao is also much less preferably known for the headlines he produced in the previous couple of years when he bumped heads with actor Donnie Yen more than script changes for director Clarence Fok's recently released Unique ID prior to him leaving the cast and enduring an ongoing media circus that followed.

At any price though, it really is good to see Zhao operating once again. And even moreso, with two of the action film industry's most popular major males, and a female actress with the talent to hold her own in an action flick. Now let's just hope this production brings greater prospects for this particularly intriguing upcoming war thriller when it arrives in 2014.

Actress and Pay Back co-star Deng Ziyi is also set to seem in the film. I suppose we will discover much more about Wolf War in the weeks and months ahead, so stay tuned as the updates continue trickling by means of.

New Title And Casting Confirmed For Wu Jing's WOLF WAR
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