Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hong Kong Gets A New Poster For SNOWPIERCER

Comic Book Movie forwarded the newest international poster for the upcoming sci-fi action thriller, Snowpiercer. The poster comes just several weeks right after the Hong Kong distributor Golden Scene created public their release date for the film from director Bong Joon-ho. Bong, coming off of a recent dual interview he did along with Quentin Tarantino at the Busan International Film Festival earlier this month, was not too long ago reported to be "furious" over the apparent 20 minutes of cuts from the film for North America and other English-speaking territories against his wishes, as it languishes in distribution hell below The Weinstein Organization until a release date gets announced.

Based on a screenplay by Bong and co-writer Kelly Masterson, Snowpiercer is the live-action adaptation of the French graphic novel, "Le Transperceniege" by Benjamin Legrand and Jacques Lob. Set in the year 2035, a failed try to stave off international warming has left Earth covered in extreme cold and snow, forcing remaining survivors on a motion engine-powered mega train that circumnavigates the earth year-round. Eventually, with a class method dividing the rich and wealthy from the poor passengers in the back of the train, a revolution ensues.

Snowpiercer premiered in South Korea earlier back in August with rave testimonials prior to its upcoming theatrical release in France on October 30, 2013, as effectively as its Hong Kong release on November 28, 2013. The film stars Chris Evans who just appeared in this week's 1st trailer for his return to the big screen subsequent year as the titular role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Also starring in Snowpiercer are Sung Kang-ho, Jamie BellEwen Bremmer, Allison PillTilda SwintonOctavia SpencerKo A-sung, John Hurt and Ed Harris
Hong Kong Gets A New Poster For SNOWPIERCER
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