Monday, November 4, 2013

New Promotional Materials Go Viral For The New Jungle Action Adventure, ANGEL WARRIORS

Film Smash posted two new trailers and a number of new posters this week for the upcoming jungle action adventure from director Fu Huayang titled Angel Warriors (a.k.a. Jagged Angels).

Press for this film has been a bit scant with many posters and a trailer vaguely circulating the internet more than the summer time. Nevertheless, we now seem to be nearing a November 1, 2013 release date for mainland China, in addition to some further film info, so now at least we have some new promotional supplies to go by, even even though for some reason we still get that identical tiger.

At any price although, yes, we have girls in the jungle kicking ass, and hunting great performing so on screen. Hopefully we will get a synopsis for this one particular soon. But the trailers do appear a numerous degrees much better than the very first a single.

The film characteristics major action lady Yu Nan (The Expendables 2) journeying on an expedition with five city girls to the jungles of Southeast Asia along with Collin Chou, exactly where they also bump into Andy On. It is there that they discover themselves helping to defend the native inhabitants from dark forces threatening the locals in an epic firefight amongst excellent and evil. Also starring are Xing Yu, Mavis Pan, Renata Tan, Roy Cheung, Ryu Kohata, Patricia Hu, Wang Qiuzi, Wu Jingyi, Rock Ji, Wang Hongxiang, Lawrence Shi, Tang Jin and Wang Danyili, with action choreography by Ma Yuk-Shing.

Check out both new trailers, the new music video for the film featuring and the newly circulating poster art.

New Promotional Materials Go Viral For The New Jungle Action Adventure, ANGEL WARRIORS
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