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Darren Bailey To Make His Directorial Debut In The Upcoming Shortfilm, SURGE

It seems Canadian independent action star Tyler Williams is generating pretty great use of his time out in California this year with actor and up-and-coming filmmaker Darren Bailey (pictured left). On top of collaborating with actors Gui DaSilva and independent filmmaker Emmanuel Manzanares on Extraction, in addition to the lengthy-awaited release of Proper-Handed, Williams also spent his time with Bailey, who is presently directing and starring in their upcoming short film release, Surge.

The function is totally original, and conceived out of Bailey's partnership with VFX artist Marcus Silvera, who at the moment shares employ with Bailey at Stereo D, an award-winning visual effects film lab in Burbank, California that was co-developed by actor Giovanni Ribisi for the duration of the production of Avatar (2009). As it turns out, Silvera also occurs to be a fan of Thousand Pounds Action Business, the illustrious indie action studio in Los Angeles Bailey co-founded with filmmaker Chris Cowan and actor/fight choreographer Vonzell Carter in 2010, and is accountable for some of the most memorable visionary projects brought to the internet, such as Naruto: Dreamers' Fight, Street Fighter X Tekken and the electrifying conceptual action shorts for the presently-creating television series, Clandestine. And it was out of this admiration that Silvera initially approached Bailey with the intent of inviting some of Bailey's fellow stunt friends collectively for an action-oriented VFX test. However, Bailey decided to take it a step additional.

1 day and a handful of revisions later, Bailey was capable to offer a brand new shortfilm script, considerably to Silvera's approval. And with Williams on board with performing actors Carter, Ed Kahana, James Hutchison and Dmitrious Bistrevsky, and VFX wizards Brian Bentley, Gerry Kodo, and Josiah van Arsdel, along with fellow independent film figure Leo Kei Angelos assissting in lighting and camerawork, Surge started a non-consecutive 3-day production beginning in September. Day two wrapped a week and a half ago, with the third and final day filming this week.

Marking Bailey's directorial debut, Surge tells a riveting story of fantasy, tragedy, greed and mystery about "The Hand" (Williams), a rogue fugitive with extraordinary powers to harness and manipulate an unstoppable, self-conscious, symbiotic chi-like power that circulates his body. Such energy tends to make him a force to be reckoned with, in spite of the reality that his present is also a curse, killing him with each passing day. He makes covert arrangements with an underworld kingpin (Carter) for a serum that can possibly end his suffering, but when the deal fizzles, secrets will be revealed from all sides and and a surprise conclusion awaits. (Conceptual artwork pictured right)

Although Surge will not be a martial arts movie, the brief film absolutely aims to be a dramatic science fiction thriller with suspenseful storytelling and moments of action and graphic violence, adhering to tones equivalent to that of the Nicolas Winding Refn-directed 2011 film, Drive. The action sequences have been coordinated by the cast themselves, such as Bailey who spoke very of his knowledge Williams on set. "Tyler is a excellent guy, and functions extremely hard." he says. "I enjoyed getting to bond with him on a far more personal level, and particularly working with him professionally for the very first time. He took path well, and fully committed as an actor, quite late into the evening."

In terms of this specific upcoming shortfilm, it dawned on me how incredibly far independent action has come more than the past decade or so, with the addition of comprehensive visual effects perform becoming experimented with, specifically by filmmakers like Bailey, a graduate of Miami University who took playwriting and directing classes in addition to the acting classes whilst earning his Theatre degree at Miami University. Bailey reflected on some of his personal wisdom when I present this specific subject to him. "There is no division in between what can be accomplished at property and what can be completed on a massive screen, apart from the quantity of folks required to do some thing, and possibly spending budget." he writes. "There are so numerous great over-the-counter VFX programs to teach yourself on, tutorial web sites, artist forums, and talented men and women who know that on an indie level, they have the opportunity to be featured in ways they may well not on a large-scale production. On the web indie action has had an exponential increase in the final decade, and it has turn into a way to get function noticed by the proper folks. Some of the most profitable YouTubers are these who blend VFX, stunt function, and other action in their films, and a lot of have been in a position to sustain a comfy living simply because of it."

Bailey is presently creating a mystery suspense thriller with filmmaker A.J. Rickert-Epstein, who did directorial function on the action miniseries, Vigilante Diaries, as properly as the Luke Goss action automobile, Dead Drop. Bailey and Rickert-Epstein will begin filming their project in Ohio this January, in collaboration with Miami University film students and some Hollywood specialists. In the meantime, Surge will enter its final stages of post production with a hopeful release this December.

For additional updates on Surge, comply with Tyler Williams and Darren Bailey on Twitter. And also, be confident to subscribe to Thousand Pounds Action Organization on Facebook for some fascinating news ahead.

Photos: Darren Bailey, Stubbs And Romero

Darren Bailey To Make His Directorial Debut In The Upcoming Shortfilm, SURGE
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