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Movie Magic: An Interview With Filmmaker PRINCE BAGDASARIAN

When I initial started Film Combat Syndicate, I didn't know exactly where it would go at initial. I in no way imagined myself speaking to actors and stunt performers, even though being an action fan, that is the way things have evolved.

Since then, Film Combat Syndicate is nearly a year old and I now have the distinct honor of talking to multifaceted filmmaker, Prince Bagdasarian, founder of independent film group, PIB Productions. Prince not too long ago launced an Indiegogo campaign for his most current film titled, Abstraction, for which he wrote, co-created, edited and directed. The campaign is component of an work to support fund the film's promotion from now by means of August, and given that he integrated my April article on the page, I wanted to take the chance to share my platform to talk about his career and the upcoming film.

Film Combat Syndicate: What inspired you to get into motion pictures?

Prince Bagdasarian:
After spending most of my pre-teen years in front of the camera, performing as a magician, I realized that I was a lot more interested in a diverse kind of magic – motion pictures. It wasn’t lengthy before I began idolizing accomplished filmmakers and taking methods to insure that I, one day, do what they did.
FCSyndicate: What are some preferred films you reflect on with your operate?

I’m a massive fan of heist films such as Heat, Thief, Dog Day Afternoon, The Score, and such. As a matter of reality, the very first short film I wrote and directed following film college was a heist film. Some have even talked about that my style of filmmaking resembles Michael Mann’s work. I’ll take that as compliment any day.
FCSyndicate: Having worked on a quantity of films, do you have a distinct favorite genre you appreciate the most?

I grew up watching action films. As I got older, I wanted a lot more substance in my action films. A excellent mixture of action and drama, if executed nicely, can undoubtedly lead to a quite appealing piece of entertainment. That’s fairly a lot what I tried to accomplish with my very first function, “Abstraction”.
FCSyndicate: You started out as a magician at a young age. Looking back on then and now, how do you feel about selecting this path?

Magic was my hobby as a child. I spent quite a few hours soon after college surrounded by it. My parents gradually realized how a lot of a hidden talent I had. Ahead of long, I was performing professionally on stage and appearing in magazines, newspapers and television programs. Though it was a wonderful time in my life, most of my childhood was taken over by my magic profession. I quit magic upon realizing that my interests lied more in filmmaking.
FCSyndicate: Getting the experience you have now in film, as effectively as beginning PIB Productions, any lessons learned along the way?

Be ready. If you’re going to lead the way, you have to set an example. The greatest error an indie director can make is by not getting prepared for the tasks at hand, and also the unforeseen ones. The preparation would then also facilitate plans b to z, in case they’re called for. In addition, collaboration is vital in generating any project take place, predominantly a feature film.
FCSyndicate: Your new film, Abstraction is already full. Can you inform us about it?

“Abstraction” is about two opportunist pals, Tommy and Gary, who live in a tiny town and pull off grand thefts in the city for a living. After the close friends finish up in a predicament in the course of a heist that goes incorrect, they place their criminal life behind them. Shortly soon after, they devise one particular final job that will be their ticket out of town and a foundation for a greater life. That job is the heist of a half a million dollar painting.  The concept for “Abstraction” came to me right after I had decided to create a neo-noir variety of heist film that involved a sturdy central female character. Ahead of I knew it, my co-producers and I had developed an enormous project, one complete of action, drama, and an array of relatable characters.

FCSyndicate: What qualities stand out to you the most about the cast? And what was the experience like?

I was genuinely meticulous throughout casting. I recall auditioning maybe more than seventy actors and actresses for the two leads roles alone. My male lead had to fit nicely as a hard criminal but but have the look of ‘small town guy’. In all honesty, a majority of the actors we auditioned in Los Angeles could not pull off the ‘small town guy’ aspect of the character. But Hunter Ives came in and nailed it. It was also a similar case with the female roles in my film. Both Korrina Rico and Natalie Victoria had to portray powerful, self-sufficient girlfriend characters as well as damsels in distress, simultaneously. Although all my leads have had several acting roles in large Hollywood features, they were nowhere near the level of the few key names we got on board the project for supporting roles, such as Academy Award® nominee Eric Roberts (pictured above) and Ken Davitian. Becoming a fan of Roberts ever since I was a child, I was thrilled to have him tackle a gripping part in my really initial function film. Ken Davitian, who we know from such films as “Borat” and “The Artist”, brought his personal take on the character he played. 1 certain scene of his in “Abstraction” could really properly be deemed a controversial one particular. All round, my complete cast was excellent. The knowledge with collaborating with such talented people was indeed enticing.
FCSyndicate: What can movie goers expect from Abstraction?

Film goers can expect to be taken on an interesting journey with a handful of sudden twists along the way. Although I wouldn’t consider “Abstraction” a full action film, I’ve strived to showcase effectively created characters initial, and then thrown them into intense scenarios that eventually outcome in ‘action’. And that’s when budgeting restrictions came into play. I rapidly found out what could and couldn’t be accomplished. Nevertheless, I’m content to say that a lot more than 90% of what I wrote on paper came to fruition on-screen.
FCSyndicate: Any directorial plans in the near future? Probably an action movie about magic?

At the moment, I have many other films I’m developing through my production organization. An action movie about magic does certainly sound like some thing appropriate down my alley, but it could significantly be compared to the recent Hollywood blockbuster, “Now You See Me”. Rather, I have a household story set inside the globe of magic written a few years ago, one which is loosely based on my 1st hand encounters for the duration of my career as a child magician. The other feature film I have written is “Moira”, a compelling action crime drama about the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident. In addition, I have an action thriller/horror that I’m currently creating one where I plan to bring a fresh new take on the whole indie horror film genre.  All these films are prepared to go into production when financing is acquired.
FCSyndicate: As per the name of my weblog this rousing internet site (sounds far more ‘official’ haha), who would you like to lend a Syndicate Shoutout to?


I’d like to send a Syndicate Shoutout to not only one particular but two actors, Sam Puefua and James Lewis, each of whom busted their asses (literally) while striving to provide authenticity inside some of my action scenes in “Abstraction”. Now that is dedication to the art.

Prince Bagdasarian has amassed an amazing physique of work which you can view over on his IMDb page, and I am truly hunting forward to what he has to bring to the table for Moira. Already the name sounds badass, and with a film like Abstraction, I have no doubt in my thoughts that Prince is aiming for top quality entertainment.

I want to thank him for lending some time out of his busy schedule to answer these queries, and I sincerely want the very best of luck to him and the cast and crew of Abstraction. Lastly even though, I want to thank Prince for contributing his own edit to my final query upon receiving back to me. It is a genuine honor and I am extremely humbled by his acknowledgement.

Bear in mind to visit the Indiegogo web page to learn how you can donate. Click here to adhere to the film on Facebook, and for more information on PIB Productions, check out the official web site, as properly as the official film internet site,

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Movie Magic: An Interview With Filmmaker PRINCE BAGDASARIAN
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